Myself together with most of my friends are in our last year of campus. Struggling to get that GPA (total grade) to where we wanted it to be before we started campus. Those dreams we had when joining campus of graduating with a first class, where are you now? Personally I DO NOT see a first class in my future but I am will not let that dampen my mood that I leaving this campus called Kenyatta University.


I know some people who were forced to take law by their parents. There are also other students doing courses which they did not have a passion for. I believe someone should be given the choice to do what they know they will excel at not only in class but also in life. When you get to do something you love success just flows in by itself. That said, I chose to do law I can’t say it was my life’s passion to do it but I do enjoy it. I love studying law and I know I will enjoy working as an advocate.

Now being a law student comes with a lot of STRESS, READING and SELF DISCIPLINE! You don’t have to be a sharp student but a smart one. You have to know how to plan your time. You also can’t just read the entire four years (well you can if you want to) but you can balance school work and a social life. I can not say I had “self discipline” which I can say is okay. I skip a few classes just cause I am not feeling it. I’m sure everyone has that feeling where you wake up and start questioning yourself “if that degree is really worth it”. But you still get up and take yourself to school because we have to secure that degree!

Being a law student requires you to be ethical and respectful. Respectful to senior counsels and the law itself. As much as we are the body behind the law we also have to show an example by abiding by the law. You just can’t run your mouth and act shamelessly expecting respect from other advocates. Advocates can be struck off the advocates roll, if you wanna be respected respect yourself first.

I have learnt the hard way when it comes to dress code. My fashion sense is basically street style. I love me some rugged jeans, some graphic tees, some casual skirts and dresses. I love sneakers and detest heels. So obviously for a lawyer you have to dress official. We have a dress code ethic which we were taught in school and I listened with tears in my eyes. But what was I expecting entering this career. I knew I had to say goodbye to my jeans at some point. The point has not yet come but it is fast approaching. Good thing is I have learnt my ways through fashion and how to dress myself to look classy but still professional!


I believe this topic I should talk about after I’m done with school but I can as well share some tips I use myself to stay sane. School is always stressful. Whatever course it is, school, reading and trying to maintain good grades is always stressful. I have a phobia of exams and failing, I get really anxious around exam period but I have managed this far 😂. So when I started campus I had no idea of how bulky it will end up being. And I enjoy having a good time but I have had to sacrifice some fun to study.

To stay sane I had to get a distraction, a hobby I can do on the side when I want a break from school. I never used to blog two years ago but I used to write a novel. So when I feel like it’s getting to stressful, I write. If I’m not writing I’m reading a novel or doing what every other youth does. I watch a movie, listen to music. But I prefer a novel 🤷🏻‍♀️.

As much as I want to keep my grades high I still want to maintain a social life. Having fun while in campus should be a requirement. You need to learn ways to live a fulfilling life and that will not come from staying cocooned in a library all day. So once in a while get your friends go have some fun. It doesn’t necessarily have to be clubbing or drinking. There many ways to hang out like going on safaris, go for hikes or just chilling around and talk with your friends. Blow of some steam and re-energized yourself to keep working!

As much as I hate them, study groups are important in school. Personally I don’t do study groups but it is highly encouraged. It depends on a person mode of study. Some people (aka me) like reading by themselves and tend to understand better. But once in a while get together with your buddies debate on topics and ask on issues you isn’t grasp well in class.


I know it’s too early to start thinking about graduating especially since I’m in a shitty school. Kenyatta University will mess up your unit registration and act like they know nothing about that! On top of that, the school will make you repeat an entire semester and feed off the money you’ll pay for fees! It’s painful cause I’m going through this and my experience is not a smooth ride (I will make sure to do a blog on this). Aside from that finish your campus year with a bang. This is your last year have fun and blame it on being in campus. Your last year to experiment on everything and blame it on being in campus.

Girl, yes you girl, go out there build yourself a name. Network with other successful people in your field. Have fun with your friends and family. Go out and meet new people, don’t be scared to share you views and how you expect to be treated (taking this advice as well). Don’t be scared to go on an adventure and explore places. Take yourself to dinner, take yourself to the movies. Live a fulfilling life! Don’t forget to study though 😉

Boy, yes you boy, what can I say to you? Go out and make yourself a person worth being remembered. It’s never to late to make your name great. You just need to start! Set your goals and work to achieve them. Don’t be scared of having goals or thinking about the future. You have no control of your future but you can sure as hell work towards a future you see fit. If you want a luxurious lifestyle, boy work hard. It starts now but still have fun. Go out with your boys, watch FIFA, play FIFA. Go grab a drink or two and just live your life. Don’t be scared to fall in love and commit to a girl, it’s your life. Don’t forget to study 😉

I have typed and typed and typed and I have to put a full-stop now. I hope I have inspired someone out there and given you some motivation to work smart plus enjoy your campus days! Next blog is on Thursday don’t forget to like, follow and leave a comment below on your thoughts. Stay safe stay happy 💋



Is death penalty justice? Is it morally right? Should it be legal in any state in the world? Or should it just be done away with?

Death penalty is when the government decides to execute someone. This is usually when someone has commuted a serious offense. Such offenses can be murder, treason, robbery with violence or crimes which would have resulted to death. Before I give my “two cents” let’s get a little background on death penalty.

The last death penalty given in Kenya was in 1987. By the end of 2017 there have been 23 death penalty cases but the criminals were given life imprisonment courtesy of the president (I hope for facts are right). Death penalty was not completely struck out of the penal code but no execution have been conducted since 1987. Since 2009 there are 4000 death row inmates.

Now onto my two cents!!! I have watched documentaries on death row inmates (in States) and the videos are educative enough. The whole procedure from when they are taken from their cell up to the minute they’re killed. The execution can be by gas, being shot, being electrified or by poison. No man has the right to take away another person’s life, right? That is law of God. So what should have when a person takes another life, is it just to also kill him? Is it like a game of “tit for tat”?

In my opinion death penalty can sound a bit harsh especially times when someone is sentenced wrongfully. By executing a criminal we are giving justice to the victim’s family but after the criminal dies what next? Some crimes are gruesome and the death penalty will sound just. In my mind I’m thinking why is a rapist not put under death row? Or they are? If not they should because rape is one of the most hurtful crimes. I am finding it a bit hard to support death penalty though in the eyes of the law it is just.

To some extent executing a criminal is fair for example Ted Bundy. He did deserve the death penalty after all the killings and he was not remorseful at all. No one deserves to be executed. This is where morals and the law conflict. Killing someone is not morally right but it’s lawful. Balancing the two issues can prove to be difficult. However they are those characters who have no remorse for the actions they do. So that case do people who show remorse be given a lighter sentence? There is no provision which says that someone can be given a lighter sentence if they show remorse. A judge can be persuaded to reduce someone’s sentence by how they conduct themselves during court.

I don’t support the death penalty in many cases. It’s not right to execute someone especially in instances where the person has shown progress in changing and being a better person. In law we deal with facts, morals can come in later. If the facts of the case are justifiable enough to convict a person then the court’s hands are tied. The thing in criminal law the burden to prove one’s innocence is on the guilty party. They have to dig through every evidence to prove to the court that they are innocent. So I guess we can say that for the court to reach the point of executing someone they have exhausted every possible reason not to. Although they are few instances where someone is executed for a wrong they didn’t do.

I have thrown myself completely under the bus! I’m caught in the middle of whether death penalty is just or not? Feel free to share your opinion with my in the comment section and let’s converse on this topic. Don’t forget to like, share and follow my blogs to read more amazing blogs 😊

Stay safe. Stay happy 💋


Hey guys!!! (We still on this squad name months later) I didn’t disappear for that long I really need some congrats, right? I missed writing and airing out my opinions on this platform. All I hope to achieve is to inspire people through writing. If I even touch just one person then I will be grateful.

So on today’s blog I will give my opinion on a matter that has been everywhere for a while. I am not saying that this is what is meant to happen it is just but an opinion from this mere law student 😁. Funny thing is I am a law student who rarely watches news and knows nothing about politics. When I say nothing, I mean nothing 😂. Either way this is my two cents on the “Sharon Murder” case.

As I read and researched she was a campus student who hooked up with a politician and ended up dead. This is happening to most girls who are getting involved with these powerful men. They get involved for what? A good vacation, some money in their bank account, designer clothes and shoes?! All these to just end up either pregnant or dead. I’m not judging anyone with a “sponsor” we all carter for our lifestyle in our own ways. Some of us are from wealthy background (spoilt ass kids) who also get judged and ridiculed for being “spoilt” or “brats” which is also damn wrong! No one has the right to judge another person.

Back to the matter at hand, a murder happened not for one life but two. The girl was pregnant right? According to Kenyan Law life begins at conception that’s why abortion is illegal (Article 26(1) of the constitution). It’s not just the girl’s life that should be justified but the unborn child as well. A murder trial can take years to be completed and someone to be sentenced. That leaves families anguished and devastated because of not having any justice. There was an abduction before the the gruesome murder of the girl, adding salt to the injury 🤦🏽‍♀️.

The killing was a first degree murder; it had intent, it was malicious and it had motive. Under criminal law for a case to be termed as murder the person should have been intending to do the crime with a motive. If for example, someone is killed by mistake like during an open fire, that is second degree murder because there was no intent it was the heat of passion (eh topic for another day right? An entire blog about murders shall come through 😂). The people who went after Sharon on my opinion had been sent by someone to murder her. They had information of where she’d be and who she’d be with. At this point there is still not a suspect for the murder? To me it’s right under their noses 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Some people are out there claiming justice for Sharon but it gets me thinking was what she was doing also wrong? Just asking? She did not deserve to die, no one does plus the life of an innocent child. An agreement could have been reached 🤷🏻‍♀️. I don’t bash anyone with a “sponsor” but to me I don’t find it right in any way shape or form (let’s talk sponsors another day 😂). The said politician did not speak up after the murder is a red flag. If you know you’re guilty wouldn’t you want to hide behind other people and other topics. Including not being anywhere near the murder scene as well as not being where you’re intended to be 🧐

Learning the mind of a guilty person is observing how they behave once the crime has been committed. If I know I’m innocent I’ll come right out and speak up then let the cops do their thing freely. Even though there is no evidence leading to that person they are still connected one way or another and can end up being an accessory to murder. Which is still a crime and should be sentenced. But with this justice system of ours and corruption brewing everywhere 😂.

Justice should be sort for the girl and the unborn baby not by pointing fingers or blaming it on others. My two cents on the case turned out to be longer than I expected. I have so much more to say about it all. That will include going deeper into criminal law and how murder works under the Penal Code. Which will be discussed in another law blog coming very soon in a blog near you (hit or a miss?). Well after all it’s just my two cents. Hope you enjoyed the blog and are awaiting the next. Don’t forget to like, share and leave a comment below of what you think. Stay safe stay happy 💋

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