Hello there beautiful people, it’s your girl here back with another post. I am writing this blog knowing I will post it months from now. For people writing is a hobby or a way to get income but to me writing is an escape. It is an escape from all my troubles in the world. It is a place I can pretend everything is fine. I can create an illusion that my world is not crumbling and that am happy with how things are. Writing makes me forget for just a moment and for just that one moment I smile 😊. Like I am right now, I am trying to forget somethings, is it working? Probably not but I write still cause that’s what I do best. In this blog I want to feel like Drake 😂, I won’t write anything about law or lifestyle. I’ll write about why I write and what does it do to me not only as person but also as a writer.

You probably read this weeks or months after I have typed this it but at least you’ll read. This blog is something very important to me to me since the day I signed up. Writing blogs brings so much joy to my heart more that anything else. I started writing novels in my high school days and I never stopped writing since. That’s where I discovered my love for writing. Well a writer is always reading and trust me I’ve been reading novels since my kindergarten days. I write because it inspires me. It inspires me to be better than I am. To live each day as if it were my last and to appreciate everything and everyone around me. I write because it helps me forget. When people are sad the do something to distract themselves. Some drown their sorrow in alcohol, some take on an activity and other lock themselves from the world but myself I write. I write because it washes away the dust of everyday life. Not everyone’s life is squicky perfect 😂, some people out there have a hard life and need a distraction. Mine is to freaking write and emerge myself in books. When I feel myself drifting to a lot of writing I know something is a miss but I don’t worry I just write.

What writing does to me is that it helps me not fall into abyss. It holds me back from drowning in my sorrow or lashing out due to misfortunes. Writing makes me remember who I am and brings me back to who I need to be. Without writing I don’t know where I’d be 😭. Mental health is very important to me and one needs to take very good care of themselves. Writing is my way of taking care of myself 😊. I’ll never stop writing, the day I stop writing us the day I give up on myself.

I don’t know when I will post this blog or start blogging again. By this going up means am back to posting and I won’t stop again. I just needed to find myself again. By posting this means an well in the journey of healing. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for support and reading this. Stay safe and stay happy 💋 You’re girl is back!






Hello my beautiful people. It has been a while since I wrote and posted a blog. So, where has your girl been for three whole weeks? As I mentioned in my earlier blog I had exam for two good weeks and had to back off posting for a bit. I had to focus on my studies and the exams which were not a ride in the park. There were days I was just to hell with these exams I am tired and have to sleep. Some unit like commercial law had me awake till two in the morning trying to comprehend the concepts. You know that in law exams you have to write all the case laws and statutes you know to support your answer. Your girl had to stay up till late to cram those cases. My people it was not easy at all. I would enter the exams and literally forget every case I had crammed. Like I would be so proud of myself then my tensing makes me forget all the stuff I read. I do get really tensed up during exam period and very scared of doing exam. My hand will be shaking and my heart will beat so fast, that is the point everything I read would disappear. I have had that problem since primary and look at me third year in law school still tensing up. Anyone with tip of how to stop that, hit the comment sections.

Amongst the exam drama I attended the cake festival which was kind of fun because cake is always fun (the vlog will be in the YouTube channel soon). I was so sick during that day and was feeling like death but all is well now. The exams came and went with a few rough patches but most of the exams were good luckily. What interesting thing has happened? I got to grow up in one week as I prepare to go for internship. Yes, I am starting to work and learn what happens in the “working world”. I did so many things to finally get the internship also dealing with some annoying people. I usually wonder what doe it cost to be polite to someone? It doesn’t cost a single penny but people be running their mouths being all rude and b****. Ranting aside I got the internship, will be starting on Monday and it will be awesome. I am very excited for the opportunity and I do plan to blog my experience. Blogging has become such a big part of my life at this point. I truly enjoy writing and do plan to do professionally in the future. I have been writing since high school and I do not plan to stop thus my blogging. I appreciate every single read I get and the motivation to keep posting. I am planning on starting something new and exciting on my Instagram handle. Hoping it will be an amazing adventure for myself and you guys because I am pretty excited for it. I will be going back to my normal blogging routine, one-week law blogs the next one lifestyle blog (though I do enjoy lifestyle much more). this was more of a welcome back to the blogs and did not plan for it to be this long.

Thank you everyone for the support and the read. Share the blog with friends and watch out for the next blog.

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