Your Journey

Everyone’s journey is different and not on is similar. As we start our lives on this earth it is not the same as your brother or sister or friends. Your life is your own and you will it how you want it to be. The path you are on is meant just for you to walk on. The journey you embark on is specific just for and doesn’t need comparison to the another person even though they may be similar facts.

It’s been a while is a blog has been posted but Mental Health Tuesday blog is back and here to stay now. On today’s blog we shall discuss on the mental health journey and how different it is for everyone. The bumps on the way and the smooth sailing is different for everyone going through a mental illness. As always before the blog focuses mostly on depression, anxiety and eating disorder. Why? Because I have more knowledge on this I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone but more information will be gathered and I might expand my boundaries to bipolar and others. But now let’s discuss on the core three.

The journey on depression is a lonely one which pushes you further into darkness without even realizing it. You feel like you are all alone and no one can seem to help you. It is never a smooth sailing on; where you just get diagnosed with depression and within a month you are completely healed. The bumps on the road are many and the corners and back steps. With every bump is a whole other pit of darkness full of disappointment and despair. The journey gets harder before it gets better. You cry yourself to sleep every night just to wake up and put on a smile. You cringe at the thoughts day and night. Letting them take over your mind and believing everything they say. They put you down, feeding off your energy day by day. Leaving you exhausted and numb.

The journey is on whereby you have to keep reminding yourself where you’re going and where you’ve come from. You have to keep check that there is a destination to arrive at. That at whatever cost you have to complete the journey. Sometimes you might forget and stray away from your path. Wander of into a path of darkness which will leave you feeling like you have done nothing. That you should just give up and stay at on that path. It eats away at the hope you had at finally seeing the light. You don’t want to do the things you loved. You stop talking to your friends. You stop being who you are. You become this person who can’t be recognized anymore. The once bright smile becomes dull each day. But then you take comfort in the darkness and just feel like you need accept it.

Just like any journey, there’s exhaustion. People do get tired when they’re on a journey and they get to take a rest. But there is no chance to take a rest on this journey. You have to push and keep pushing without letting the need to take rest overcome you. Yes, one does feel exhausted. Exhausted from having to carry the burden of your dark thoughts everyday. Exhausted from a long night of tears and a heavy heart. Exhausted from having to pretend to your friends and family on how good you are. Exhausted from the battle. The journey is tiresome and can drain you of all your energy. You might even start questioning your will to keep on going. But there’s is no time to take a break no matter how hard it is or tiresome it is. It’s your journey, take a helping hand to help you get to your destination. Like the way someone uses a stick when going for a hike, ask for help from family or a friend. Do whatever it takes to remove the feeling of exhaustion. It is okay to ask for help. There’s someone who will always be willing to help and be a shoulder to lean on when you feel like you’ve had enough. They will hold your hand and encourage you to get to where you need to be. Just like people sleep when they get exhausted, in this journey you talk to someone. Air out your thoughts, rant them out, bitch as much as you can, shout if need be! But after that you keep on going! You don’t stop! There will always be someone to hold your hand through it all so don’t get exhausted. Don’t get tired.

Do not go looking at someone’s journey and start putting yourself down because of how far they are. That’s their journey and good for them but now you have to focus on your own. Your slow steps are okay and will get you to where you need to go. Just because you are a few steps back doesn’t mean you never see the end. How you intend to get to the end is all on you. The journey is your own and no one gets to tell you that you need to hurry up or slow down. Comparing with other will not do you any good but put you down even more. Depression will make you feel that you’re so worthless that you can’t even do something right. Why give it that satisfaction? To make you feel something you’re not? You are strong just the way you are. How your journey is, it is just fine and you are doing what is best for you. Do not give it the ability to make you feel like you need to be someone else just because the other person is like that. You are perfect. You are unique and there can only be one of you. So take your journey as your own and find your happiness. Defeat that darkness and get your light!

This is your journey and yours alone. No one else can take it for you. It’s just you who can get yourself to the finish line. Yes, others might give you a helping hand but you have to take it alone and ensure that you get to the end. Do not let the fact that you stray take you back to the beginning. And even though you do stray away don’t let the thoughts take over the far you’ve come. You control the thoughts! They don’t control you. They have come to inhabit your mind. It is hard to battle with your own mind, the very organ that tells you what is wrong and right. What should be and shouldn’t be. But if you let those thoughts take over your mind, letting you believe that, that’s what should be, you will be back to the beginning or worse and no one want that, right? Practice control in your journey. Embrace the feeling of being in charge of your journey. You say what should be and what shouldn’t be!

Be proud of your journey whichever path you are on or stage you are at. Be proud that you are on the journey. Your journey that you get many obstacles but still embark on it. With a smile even with you heavy heart, be proud. One day the journey will come to an end but for now stay strong and be proud. Can I say it again? Be proud!

The next blog will be on control, control of thoughts, emotions and the empty feelings. So till next time, stay strong stay happy!!! As remember to try and be the reason that someone believes the goodness in people ♥️

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