This will be a little different than my usual blogs. Of late most of my blogs have been about mental health and I decided why not have a break and do a travel blog for today. I always wanted my blog to be a mixture of lifestyle and mental health but I always drift more towards mental health. I shall try and get a balance between the two and then we’ll figure it out from there!!!!

The lazy writer went for a mini getaway over the weekend. It was a family based vacation this time. I’m always vacationing with my friends but this was not the case this time. I’m sure the next one I’ll have my close friends with me!!! One of my close friends will be living at one of my vacation spot so be sure to expect more travel blogs to come, if I don’t get lazy to write.

The trip began of Friday morning, my brothers and I caught the 12pm plane to Mombasa. It was not a smooth flight and a girl was scared for 40 minutes straight. If it wasn’t the turbulence, it was the shaky landing and take off. I always have traveling nausea so I didn’t quite enjoy the flight but i was glad to reach coast quickly because I needed that sun!

We stayed at Sarova Whitesands Hotel, where I had the pleasure of having my own room which I forgot to take photos of but here is a bit of a view of how the hotel looked and my room.

Friday was pretty lazy, a walk around the hotel to familiarize ourselves with the place and a nice dinner finished of the day.

Saturday began with my annoying brothers calling me at 7am to get breakfast. I’m on vacation, I should be allowed to sleep in. It’s only right! It is not acceptable to call someone before 9 when they are on vacation. Of course, I didn’t wake up until the third call by then they had already breakfast and the fools had the nerve to say, “Ndio kulauka plesdent Kingston” when I joined them for breakfast. The nerve!

Anyway away from the annoyance of brothers, the weekend was really chilled with various activities that neither of us expected to do. Usually family vacation are usually spent by the pool or at the beach but this was a different kind of a vacation.

Starting with the jet-ski madness! So guessing we all know what jet-skis are (picture below), my brothers opted to go for a few laps on those demon spawn inventions. From where I was standing, at the beach where I’m safe from falling into the ocean, they looked like they were living their best lives. Soon curiosity caught up with me and I decided to have a turn on the damned things. Well, it wasn’t that bad but the fear in me didn’t let me enjoy the entire lap. Feeling the wind brush against me as we speed across the water brought a rush that needed to be fulfilled. Speeding across the small waves as we bounced of the water, screaming at no one in particular was amazing! At some point I screamed to be returned back to my father at the beach but my brother was having none of that. My small brother who we have established has no fear in his bones, was doing all sorts of crazy styles with the devil thing at one point I thought he’d actually fall off.

Kindly ignore my dad’s finger 😂

With the rush of the jet-ski came along the swimming with the tiny fish at the marine park. The marine park is located in the middle of nowhere in the vast ocean but not that far from the beach. It’s deep enough for someone to drown if the don’t know how to swim but deep for the fish to have fun in and for humans to enjoy looking at them. Anyone is allowed to swim there and observe the fish. With a floating vest and some ugly goggles, your good to go. I’m not as adventurous as my younger brother and I’m very skeptical on what I do. The young human was just jumping in the water no fear and stayed for a while having his best time. It took some convincing for me to actually get in the water. For some dumb reason I was scared of tiny fish! Like, grow up Susan!

Overall swimming in the marine park went well. The fish were so cute and adorable! The young human tried to catch one of them and of course he failed miserably.

A good portion of the weekend was spent by the pool, enjoying the hot (which gave me major sunburn) and spending quality time with my family. And what’s a vacation without a little holiday romance!

Should I spill that tea as well?!

Of course I will,

The hotel has daily activities as mentioned above which included water polo. My brother and I were called on to join in the water police which happens at 4. I was like “it’s cool, lemme rest for a bit then I go join them”. Teams were chosen and the game began. It was an intense game and tiring as well! Anyway, the goalkeeper for the other time was an eye candy, a sight for sore eyes after being in the sun the whole day. I won’t say I spent the majority of the game on that side of the pool but it was a high possibility. I scored most goals for my team, I’m a tiny human against this human and I still managed to get scores. Makes one wonder right? From the flirty words, to the sneaking of glances, to the laughters and unnecessary touching I’m safe to say the game was one to remember!

The vacation came to an end pretty fast and it now seems like a blur. That’s why we have photos to keep our memories with us. To remind us of a time that’s worth staying in our minds.

This is my second travel blog and I’m sorta proud of how it’s turned out! Hope to write many more travel blogs and more lifestyle blogs to come. I don’t know if I should do more lifestyle blogs but be sure to let me know if I should. What you think about lifestyle blogs? If I should do a bit more of this types of blogs?

Thank you for reading! Stay safe stay happy 💋

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