It’s been what? A whole month and more since I even opened my blog. I’ve just been going around this Nairobi like I do not have work to actually do. Like I do not have writing to do. Like I do not have blogs plans piling and other writings piling up that need to be worked on. The other day I was telling my friend that “I am a lazy writer” and everyone knows the last thing I writer needs to be is lazy! I always sing about consistency but I preach water and drink wine. Apologies my dear readers, this writer intends to do better and be better!

There is a time and age where your skin is smoother than a baby’s bum. Your face will be glowing for days and you don’t have a single spot on your face. Those were the days of glory; those were the days the only thing your face saw was a bar of soap and vaseline. Then you wake up one day and there is a big pimple on your face. Shining brighter than the face right there in the middle of your forehead. That would be the day when disaster stroked.  You think it’s just going to be that one pimple but over months, they get more and they become acne scars because you can’t resist to pop them.

Sweet, sweet teenage hormones. So, hello fellow acne infested human. There different types of acne raging from it being a serious condition to being easily manageable. Some people get so lucky and don’t get a single acne through out their lives (thank your gods) while others we pray, fast, offer burn sacrifices but our face look like chapatis! Especially when your much lighter with little black spots scattered over your face, not a good look. For some acne is usually over the whole face, others cheeks, other the forehead. Does it depend on your hormones?

Throughout high school I had really clear skin, that glow was blinding then I joined campus. That’s when my body decided “let’s unleash the demons”. Acne most affects my cheeks and jaw line, not only the period acne but there just constantly there fuelled with allergies. Allergies make acne worse, because they come ready to destroy my skin. Like any young adult wanting to fit in a society which praises good skin I started trying different types of skin products to clear my face. I watched countless YouTube videos to get a constant skin care routine. The acne obviously disturbed me and was a huge insecurity for me. Make up has never been a deal for me but I needed to hide the acne from the world and try achieve a flawless look.

That’s when my mum started saying “don’t worry they will clear by the time your 30”. Well hell no, I am in my 20s and I need that flawless skin to be seen as beautiful and fit in this cruel society. Of course, I don’t want to wait till I’m 30 to get good skin, I want it now. Different products work differently for everyone. You need to get that perfect product and routine that will work for you. My routine included, exfoliating and lots of face masks.

My skin wasn’t that bad, just a few black spots here and there with just a few pimples. So, your girl decided to try the Garnier products because it was praised for amazing results. So, I included the products in my routine. Personally, I used the micellar water and face wash for a period of weeks to see if they will work so I could include their other products. Like I said different products work differently, while it worked perfectly for others, they didn’t work for me. I got worse breakouts than before making me more insecure.

After cutting the products out of my routine, I decided to listen to my mum and stop using various products on my skin and just keep it simple. My skin care routine changed to first steaming my face, then I apply natural coconut oil (to know if coconut oil is natural, it will be liquid in hot temperatures then solidify in cold temperatures) and simply wash my face with soap. Afterwards I’ll apply natural olive oil on my damp skin.

On days I feel I’ve applied heavy makeup; I will exfoliate with face scrub and apply a clay mask which are good for sensitive skin. I also stopped apply makeup a lot because I realized my skin doesn’t like too much product and the obvious number one rule never sleep with makeup on (I did that one time and woke up with breakout and rashes). That’s what works for me, its all about finding what works perfectly for your skin and sticking to that.

I started being okay with my acne and not letting it bother me so much because I know sis is beautiful regardless. These days I totally prefer the natural face look without an ounce of makeup. I get fewer breakouts now and I’m try to manage the black spots. So, baby girl or baby boy don’t let acne frustrates you to apply all sorts of products on your skin. A lot of products can also b harmful to your skin so why not just make it simple.

Remember to find your niche!

Stay safe, Stay happy!

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