Most of you who have my contacts already have some sort of idea what this blog is all about. It’s not an issue when someone just suddenly quits social media. But for someone who really liked social media, was all for the drama, enjoyed sharing their photos then it might be a small issue. Then if that person is coupled with some mental struggles then it can be some sort of red flag, right?

(No red flag here my loves)

Once in a while someone can get fed up with all the drama on social media and decide to take a break. Social media especially Instagram can really take a toll on someone. The whole idea of having a perfect life, luxurious lifestyle can really get to someone’s head. I’m sure most of you have heard of people having a “fake life”. They do all that so that they can have that amazing social media persona. Which is not considered healthy at all. It will reach a point you don’t know where your real life begins and where you social media life begins.

No, I didn’t quit social media because girl was living a double life. What was on my social media is what is in my real life. No luxurious lifestyle, absurd travels, “just a small town girl living in a lonely world”. When I say social media I’m throwing more emphasis on Instagram (Facebook is ancient history in my world, Snapchat has never really been my fort, Twitter is just good for news and information). Instagram is an amazing app, which I have personally used for years. It’s like the core of social media. Almost everyone uses Instagram to share about their life, build their brand, market their products and even conduct business. So yes, Instagram and social media is amazing!

I started blogging mid last year when I needed to put some creativity in words (I have done a blog of why I do what I do not going deep into that). The more I blogged the more it became about building a “brand”, social media became bigger focus on my work and all I thought about was putting my name out there on social media. Have this good Instagram theme to attract more followers, post often, use captivating captions. Which is not wrong, everyone on Instagram is doing it. But when it becomes something which is not bringing you good vibes and interfering with your progress, shouldn’t you cut it off? I have been blogging for a few months now and I absolutely love it. I love sharing my stories which make no sense, I love talking about mental health and I just love writing anything like this platform is my personal journal.

For a while I took a break from social media and minimized using my phone. That was towards the end of last year and it was an eye-opening moment. I still blogged without my social media platform, I still continued working on my website, I still wrote my novel and the only thing which changed is that I was happier. I felt more at peace with myself without checking what’s going on in other people’s lives. I have at several times talked about mental health and gave some inspiration to you guys. So it’s not that much of a hidden thing that I also struggle with mental health and I felt that my journey to get better was even smoother without social media.

I look at the world around me rather that down at my phone. I was someone who was on every social media platform for hours but now I rarely hold my phone unless it’s to blog or read a novel or text my friends. Am I saying social media is down right evil? No. It’s a personal decision to leave the social media platform and get on a new journey. I need social media for blog traffic and of course build my brand but it’s a decision I per-took despite of the challenges it will bring to my work and goals. We shall pull through, won’t we?

I do not know if I will ever switch back and get back to social media. I do not see it happening any time soon. If I ever do then it will be a fresh start, solely for my blog and my work as an attorney hopefully. So yes I took a break from social media to work on myself and I decided to quit social media to focus on myself even more and just enjoy life as it is. Take in the drama around me and just live. No more surviving, it’s time to live! Hopefully in the future to come, I’ll get back on every social media platform I had and join back on the drama but I truly hope not.

And that’s my story, let’s see where this new journey will take me.

Social media it’s been good ✌🏽

Stay safe stay happy 💋


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