32(2) COK

So I’ve been ticked off by something that’s been going around for a while now. Now I will not get triggered but let’s just have a little discussion here.

We have the right to religion as well right? We’ve been taught that it is a our right to worship whatever we want without being discriminated. Not just in law school but also in primary or secondary. Let me assume we all did SST or GHC and we all had some clue that we have the right to religion. Now that we have the right to religion we can worship where we want and with religion comes it’s own beliefs. I’m I right or I’m so damn right?

With Catholics they believe in the Holy Trinity, Mother Mary, The Sacrament and many other beliefs which they actually do follow and respect. I have no much idea about Protestants and I don’t want mention them but I will believe they also have their beliefs. Now that we are on the same topic, is it right to deny someone of their belief? If I believe that I should pray everyday at four will it suddenly make someone fall down and collapse? No it won’t so why shouldn’t I pray at four? If I believe that the Rosary is a form of prayer should I be condemned for it? Many believes have been accepted and everyone respects them.

A topic on religion is usually sensitive and should be approached carefully. The LML Clique is a space where every opinion is accepted. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion! Now quick question;

“Why should a girl be denied to wear an item of clothing which is part of their religion and belief?”

After knowing everyone has the right to religion can that rule be a denial to their rights? Or is it just a rule that has to be followed so everyone can be uniform? When someone rants about how “why are other girls removing their hijabs and others are still wearing?” Isn’t everyone belief in their religion stronger than others. I am a Catholic but I do not take the sacrament every single Sunday. Well, I don’t go to church every Sunday but I still consider myself a Christian. On the other hand there is someone who goes to church every Sunday and will take the sacrament every Sunday. Isn’t that the same thing? I’m I even making sense? Or I’m talking gibberish?

If a someone can be chased from school because of wearing a hijabs, well those are two rights being denied. I don’t know but that’s how I see it, the right to education and the right to religion. In the faith of Islam, hijabs ain’t an option (I’m assuming). Many rights and freedoms are infringed in private spaces. Giving private schools the authority to make such a disturbing rule is by far a questionable ruling my the justice system!

Denying someone of their own right is injustice. I’m just asking myself what is the harm in wearing a hijab? They are just covering their hair and well part of their face and it’s not for decoration or beauty. It’s a head wrap which is a part of their religion, a religion they have the right to follow and the freedom to believe in. I’m I emphasizing “right” and “freedom” enough. Something which is stipulated clearly in the Constitution not just quoted from the sky.

If it should be part of the uniform, the hijab can be the same color as the uniform? Right? I’m still wrapping my finger around the entire situation and do intend to research more on the topic. Go knee deep into the whole situation and hopefully be back with my final two cents on this. Honestly it’s pretty sad and down right annoying. But what can we do, it’s the supreme law. It’s one am in the morning as I write this (because inspiration comes to me at odd hours), I’m getting back to watch a series, and I still lack words to write.

Stay safe stay happy 💋


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