Aren’t the most unplanned turn ups usually the best? The moment you walk out of a Friday afternoon class and your legs lead you to the liquor store. Oh the good second year of campus. When I thought life was so fun and full of happiness. 2016 was one good year and it should come back tenfold, don’t you think?!

I had a bed sitter to call my own and was always ready to host my friends for one hell of a turn up! Most of the times it is never planned. It involves a simple decision to have a sleepover which turns out to be an entire drunk nights with hilarious stories. Well someone always ends of crying and we don’t have to think too much who it is (yeah it’s me so proud of my emotional side!).

The girls get together, cook a meal and have a good movie playing in the background. Then the devil decides to pass among us.

“Si we just a buy one botti.”

“Eeeh bytha ni how much tuchange”

“Liquor store iko open we go before it gets late”

The devil (yes we are blaming it on the devil) then drags our sorry bums to the liquor store and we buy that one bottle of whiskey we didn’t not expect to buy at all. The whiskey bought, the food almost ready and now the movie playing changes to some hype music! Everyone ready to turn up and have fun. Then the time to take shots comes after everyone one is full and one person is going through some stress! There’s always one girl in the group who is going through a crisis and takes shots after shots after shots. Lemons and salt is there next to the whiskey! Well there is nothing better than whiskey and coke! Drinks go around and the giggling starts.

From dancing around the room, some falling down from laughing way too much the seriousness of the unexpected night begins.

“I can’t believe he broke up with me”

Then viola it turns to a night of abusing every guy in our lives and supporting our sister through it all. Then tears now start to pour and soon everyone is crying and hugging and laughing all at the same time. Drunk calls are made and drunk texts are sent! That is after struggling to get your phone from your besties. It is never a good idea to drunk anything but well a drunk mind is a sober heart and a drunk bitch is always calls the person she loves most first ( if she doesn’t call you when she’s drunk bruh she ain’t yours let her go!)

There are those drunk nights it’s never just the girls, calls are made and it turns into a whole turn up! With games and friends. Which games do adult play other than truth or dare or never have I ever! And those nights are wild and should be left like that. Wild and untold! There memories to always be remembered. The stories you will share with your friends on wedding nights or your 40th birthday! Because some friends from those drunk nights you do plan to carry them with you every single step of your life!

From the laughter, to the dancing, to the terrible singing, to the tears and drunk texts! Drunk nights are nothing but memories with your crazy friends. Do it while you still can!

Stay safe stay happy 💋


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