As of last week schools opened from kindergarten to universities. It’s like a cardinal rule that nobody goes to school the first and second week. Well the active students will arrive as from the second week, the rest of us will start trying to go to school the third week (emphasis on trying). In first year going to every class was my general rule, by the second semester the general rule was slowly being overruled. Semester after semester attending classes was becoming very minimal. Don’t follow my footsteps because back then I used to go to the library like a fool! I’d study by myself because well, education is very important! Let’s get that degree!!!!!

My second year, first semester was a blur to me and some of my friends. There was a huge mistake made somewhere where myself and two of my close friends in campus were put in the same damn class. We were so excited at first, like “I was going to have people to sit next to in class”. I am not that much of a social person and I rarely make friends, I attract people who feel my vibe, I get very close to them and they are very few of them. So, yeah we were put in the same class which lead to us “chochaing” (encouraging) each other to skip class. Quite frankly I don’t remember going to a single class of my Criminal Law Unit but I have very amazing memories from that semester and that the heavens I didn’t fail that class.

Third year, my little gang got separated and then there were two! I was still very happy I’ll have someone to sit next to and disturb when classes get boring. She is this amazing, tiny human being who is my bubble of joy haha!! So, this time around we got serious and attend most of our classes. The school became a bit strict with attendance and began threatening us to attend class or not get marks for our exams. Well their threats fell to deaf ears because most people still didn’t attend classes. Not attending classes is not for every single student. You skip a class, don’t get notes for that class, don’t make effort to read by yourself, at the end of the semester you fail the unit. Boom go to class kids and don’t skip, well skip if your sure you’ll read later *wink wink*.

Fourth year first semester went by in a flash and here I am in my last year in campus. I can’t say I’m school because after university there is that monster waiting for me called “Kenya School Of Law” but one death at a time. The last year of campus is going to be a huge rollercoaster and full of adventures. I want it to be a hell of an adventure and make it a year worth remembering. With the close friends I have, the classes I will not skip, the research paper I’m going to indulge in soon! If your just starting campus, it will fly by so quickly you won’t even believe it. I feel like just the other day I was in first year, very timid, very scared of everyone and now I’m in my last year of campus with a lot of knowledge both in law and life! The pressure to read and be perfect has pushed my limits to be better. I do know I am such a different person than I was in 2015 when I joined campus (that is a blog for the end of this year). It’s so unbelievable that I am finish yet another chapter of my life. It’s exciting but also very scaring when I think of it. I tend to overthink and make plans for myself which is not healthy, it cause so much heartache and disappointment.

By the end of this year, girl will be no longer a student (for a while). All I’ve know all my life is go to school, read, do exam, have some fun and go back home to my family. I’m getting ahead of myself right, we need to take a chill pill and go with the damn flow! So yet another semester is dawning upon and we shall take it on head strong. Be strong my people and let’s get those degrees!!!!

Stay safe stay happy πŸ’‹


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