The year we have all been waiting for finally knocked on our life’s down. Hello 2019? What’s good? What do you have planned for me? Some sunshine I hope, a walk in paradise I hope. Another year like 2016 I hope. 2016 was a good year wasn’t it? It was a sweet and amazing year not like the two years with freaking followed. Let’s not even talk about 2017 that’s was a terror then we called out 2018 to be our year! Yes, it was for a while then it followed the damned path of 2017. Now we are here, a whole new year for many many more memories.

Goals and resolutions are set before the year begins with hope of trying to achieve them. The year never reaches halfway before we forget every single resolution. Most times it’s because life got in the way. Shit always happens and we can’t avoid it. But this year has to be a good year! Stay on track and be the happiest you’ve ever been.

I feel like this year is for ourselves. To find ourselves with the abyss we got lost in. Create our own bubble of happiness without inviting anyone in. To be with someone they should contribute to your happiness, add onto it not become your entire happiness. 2019 is like the year for self care. It’s everyone’s damn theme for the year! No one has to follow the crowd. Stray away from it if need be and have your own theme for the year! This year can not be another depressing time for most people. Time to smile and walk with heads held high through every obstacles.

Self love is important because it part of mental health. I’ve always been an advocate for mental health and how it’s important to carter for one’s own mentality. Not wanting for someone else to come and scope you away from you depression or crumbling anxiety. It’s your own initiative to tell yourself “I got this! I will get better!”. I believe that’s why most people are going for self care and self love. Because if you heal yourselves and find love within your own self, when will you have time to get heartbroken?! Dammit you will be at a safe place where your heart is at peace so whatever is thrown at you, you throw is back!

Dear 2019, be kind to everyone. Let every single soul find happiness and get to finally be at peace. Let it be the year that goals are achieved and resolutions are completed. No more feeling sorry for ourselves or allowing someone to degrade us just because they are not in the same vibe as us. Recognize a disaster from a far and be able to evade it. Nothing shall be taken to heart unless it is meant to be. Focus on work, yes, get that success. Try and be the best version of yourself anyone has ever seen. Get back that happiness and spread to each and every soul you meet! Out here chiming “2019 is my year” claim it and proclaim it because it will be your year!

I take it upon myself as a person who supports mental health to say that if you ever felt like you aren’t worth and your not enough yet you are still here, thank you. If at any point you wished that you didn’t exist anymore but you had the strength to still stay on this earth, thank you. If you were crumbling in depression so bad that you felt like you will never feel like yourself again but you are now working on yourself, I’m proud of you! But if you still stepped into 2019 with the same pain from 2018, the same mental health struggles that are still haunting you very second of the day, stay strong and I believe in you so don’t give up it gets better.

Well, hello 2019 let’s do this 💋


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