The year is finally coming to a much anticipated end. 2018 has been a hell of a rollercoaster of activities and adventures. Some may say “it was the best year ever” others, “it’s been a good year no complains” . Another bunch may say, “it was a bad year I’m happy it’s ending!”. All in all the year is ending with so much to look back on either good or bad.

A lot has happened in 2018 like blank panther premiered and also Avengers which seems like such a long time ago. I got to watch those marvel movies and trust you me I’m not a marvel fan. Marvel creeped into me now I kind of enjoy them (that’s a downfall in 2018 for sure). Was it also this year we voted twice or not? I don’t follow with elections but I’m sure this is the year some dude was sworn in as the president. Also in 2018 Nick Jonas got married reminding us he is no longer the cute guy from camp rock breaking a lot of young hearts out there. Yes, a lot has happened in this ending year which we should embrace and carry the lessons taught forward to the coming year.

Most say that this year has been challenging. That it was not a good year at all and they can’t wait for 2019 to finally be here. Yes the new year is coming but what are you going to do to ensure that it is going to be your year? You can’t just sit and say “I wish this year will be a good year” and not put the effort to bring happiness and goodness into you year. If you want to seize the year be ready to do what it takes to make 2019 an amazing year! 2019 can be change for you as compared to be the previous years. Let’s say you want have a book in 2019 put in the effort to write a book and go out and get publishers to make your dream a reality. If you want to find true happiness in 2019 then don’t waste your time worrying about other people and put yourself first!

What can I say about 2018? My input is that it was both a good and a bad year. 2018 wasn’t all that awful, it had its highs and lows. I have never been happier or sadder than I was this year! The highs were amazing and the lows were handled like a G! The year started at very high note but is not ending as such. The blog came alive this ending year which I am extremely proud of! Law meets lifestyle is slowly started to be a big part of this girl’s life and nothing can be more amazing. There are a lot of moments in 2018 that I will carry with me for a very long time. Like that quote “I wish I could go back in time, not to change things but so I could feel some things twice”. With the coming year for the first time I have goals and resolutions which I hope to achieve.

Not into the whole “new year, new me” because I love being myself and changing myself doesn’t come with a new year. Just aiming for better thing with the coming year, better achievements, reaching my goals and finding self love. Also 2019 is the last year with a “teen” in our lifetime unless we get to over 100 years which we shall!

There are things I wished to have done in 2018. There are goals I wanted to have attained by the end of the year. There are ways I wished to have ended the year and there are people I wished to have had still by me as I stepped into the new year….Here comes a new year, with it shall it come blessings, happiness and abundance of love, success and eminence joy! Happy New Year LML Family 💋




”Twas the night before Christmas not a single voice could be heard all across as children were tucked in bed in hopes that Santa will come and leave them presents”

Santa has always been a sentiment that signified giving and the spirit of Christmas. He works all night long to ensure that every kid has a present under their tree when they wake up. But only if you BELIEVE.

So believing in the spirit of Christmas has the sense of bringing around happiness and joy through people’s hearts. Having belief in the art of Christmas enables your heart to fill up with joy. The art of giving is brought about by Christmas. Smiling at a stranger on the streets, giving a child a present, visiting the elderly, bringing joy to an orphaned child. All these comes around the time of Christmas. We all believe in joy, happiness and giving around this time.

As a child I did believe in Santa and Easter bunny and all those holiday animals. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday because it has so much happiness with it. People go back home to see their families and everyone is so happy. Christmas is such a good holiday in deed!

Not everyone has a good Christmas though, right? Around this time is when coming from a broken family usually hits hard. Having no family is a constant reminder. Being alone will never feel worse than now. When everyone is spending it with someone or people they love others have no one to turn to and just whisper “Merry Christmas” and that’s sad. No one should be going through this time by themselves.

All in all Christmas is here and so is the end of blog-mas. Thank you to all who took time to read my blogs and share it. I am very thankful for everyone of you and I appreciate every little effort to get this blog out there. Thank you! Merry Little Christmas.

Have a Merry Everything and A Happy Always 💋


Funny thing this depression is. Where did it even start from? Who was that very first person to be said to have mental health issues? I’m not talking about running damn crazy but depression, anxiety, PTSD and the like. This mental health deprives you of your will to live. Strips you of your joy to life for a second or two.

What is it about depression that it has to come at moments when you least expect it. It’s a visitor that comes to visit but has no idea when it has to to leave. It comes to stay and keeps someone locked away from the world for days. Depression is the visitor who knows exactly what to do and say to ensure he/she never leaves your house. Makes themselves comfortable and take over your entire household!

One minute your happy, living one of your best life and the next your sad closed off from the world with no one to turn to. When depression comes to visit someone feels like they’re all alone. It makes them feel like anyone they turn to will shut them down. Depression will in deed make you feel worthless, unwanted and not enough. That’s when you start to be truly alone. That’s what depression does to you.

Slowly by slowly you start loosing friends and the people that mean most to you. Why? Because they don’t understand what happens to you when your visitor pays you a visit. They’ll be out there saying “oh she’s turned into such a bitch she never talks to us anymore.” “Oh he’s always so sad what a looser.” “She just shuts out and thinks we’ll keep talking to her.” Just like that one by one your “friends” began to leave until your left alone. Alone to deal with the never ending whispers in your head, the pinch in your heart and your fading soul.

So you keep smiling and stay happy to show others that you’re just like them. Keep the conversation going when all you want is to curl up in your room with a good book and a cup of coffee. You go out with your friends when you all you want is just to sit in your room and talk your emotions out to them. You hold them up, give them advice you would never listen to and you help them whenever you need to. All that to keep yourself from sinking further while you are indeed already at the very bottom.

Ever notice how the ones facing the worst problems are the ones who help others? Yet they hardly ever get asked “Are you okay?” It’s always them who are there ready to help with any problem because they don’t like seeing anyone sad. When they go home it’s time to face they’re own problems all on their own. You’ll never notice or you’ll never take the time to notice that every time they laugh a flicker of sadness passes in their eyes. Or whenever you go out they always turn for a second to compose themselves. Or how hard they’re holding it together to not fall apart before everyone.

It’s not always sadness or someone shutting everyone out. It’s always the small things that can tick off that someone is going through hell. When they start being messy, they start skipping meals or eating a loot, they start doing drugs. You know just little things you’ll pass off as being an irresponsible adult can just be the thing that will lead them to well, their death. All that comes crumbling down when they’re alone. In bed watching a movie or reading a book with sad tears streaming down their face. “Why doesn’t anyone notice?” “Why I’m I so sad?” “Why I’m I like this?” “I just want all of it to end!”

Funny thing with this depression is that once it comes it never gives someone the chance to ask for help. Oh hell no, no one will come to you and say “Boy do I feel depressed today!” In which damn universe? They’ll be signs here and there which only the ones who truly care will notice. The happy smile is not so happy anymore. The talkative one says only one sentence or two. They don’t come out that often anymore and if they do you can notice the change in the enthusiasm. But can you notice? No. Why? Depression is a visitor which sometimes brings along a good friend called pretending. And pretending is a whole other story on its one!

Check on your strong friends because chances are they’re the ones who go home and fight demons all night. Morning comes a little foundation and powder has you fooled the whole day for the girls. For the guys a little fist bump and your going on just normal.

Don’t let that damn visitor keep you down and sad all the time. You’re a survivor and you can defeat this. Battling with your mind on a daily basis is never easy but you are not allowed to give up! If all you did today was survive, you are my hero!!!!!

Stay safe stay happy 💋


Let’s take many steps back to my primary school days again. Has my blogging changed? I assume it has and I will explain it after blogmas is over which is in five days!

Here we are again in the memory lane back to 2010. Back to my little sophisticated school perched on a hill. What seemed like an ordinary day turned out to be one of the dramatic days! There I was in class (I’m not sure if we had a class or not) when this tiny teacher came and told us to go to our dormitories. Now in school our dorms were divided in a way that each level of class slept in their own dorm. So us being the seniors in school we slept in cubicles of four each while the rest slept in “hall” type dorms then the British System had their own dorm.

I had a feeling this was a surprise inspection because there’d been a lot of tension in school lately (we were always just getting into trouble). Inside my room I remembered I had this movie CD under my pillow that my friend had brought for me which obviously was not allowed. I started formulating a plan of how I’ll get it from under the pillow without any teacher or matron seeing me. The last thing I wanted was to get in trouble, I was such a goody two shoes back then.

As the teacher inspected one of my roommates, another friend of mine stood in front of me so I could easily bend down I get the CD. Once I did I slipped it down my dress from the back and since our uniform had belts (normal) it rested on my waist and I escaped death just like that. The inspection turned juicy when love letters were found and secret notebooks. Merciless teachers read each and every letter plus the notebooks. I was a goody two shoes so nothing was found in my cabinet storage and we were realized to go to class.

We thought the day was over after the little scolding we were given by the few teachers. Every school has routine right? In my school we always showered at four after the evening’s activity be it sports or club meetings. While I was in my room getting ready to go back to class I heard shouting outside. The teachers were calling us back out again and all the juniors were told to get inside their dorms or leave the area. I just grabbed whatever dress was close to me and walked out. Found the rest seated so I did the same, monkey see monkey do! We were waiting for someone because no teacher was talking and that’s when the school’s director walked in.

When I tell you and madam was scary as hell, she was scary as hell. She has this high pitch voice that made you just shiver when she talked. Her face had this serious look that you were even scared to break a smile. But she was an amazing woman nonetheless when you did no wrong and was always ready to listen (story for another day). She was handed the notebooks and letters and everything that they found (oh damn snitches). After reading them the director turned to look us, “Do you think we have students here? All these girls are just trash……..” (clearly I don’t remember anything else she said it was such a long time ago). “Go through their cabinets and bring out any unnecessary stuff and you girls start undoing those hairs we’re cutting them……” (blank space in my brain).

So here’s a rundown of myself in primary, I was tiny skinny human being with short hair so guess who was sat aside from them ready because the teachers said she’s one of the good girls? Yeah you guessed right it was me! I sat watching as my friends got some out of nowhere haircuts. The director was cutting with no formula she had held hair and cut leaving people with some ugly patches in their head. Excessive shopping was taken from us saying that we have a lot of things on our minds to focus on school! Did that even make sense?

So there it was the day girls got shaved in school and the boys got whipped so bad the area was nicknames the valley of death! Rumor was that they were being told to shout out the marks the want to get then they get like five strokes from five teachers! All the girls got was their hair cut but that emotionally painful right? when girls walked into class that night you couldn’t ignore the snickers from the boys who were finding it hard to sit properly with their bums on fire.

More stories of memory lane to come…y’all want more?

Stay safe stay happy 💋


The country-side commonly knows as “shags” is a place I don’t usually pay a visit to. When some people go to their shags frequently during the year I can go a whole year without stepping in the vicinity of my shags. In the case of the country-side I am “blessed” to have two of them. One which I have gone years without being there (that is my real real shags if that makes sense) and the other one I go months to a year without going (my made up shags hopefully that makes sense as well). To shine light into the made up shags it’s a place where my father decided to construct a home and say “my children this is your ushago.” There poof we got a new shags which is also abandoned.

There is an excitement to go back to the place where I never have any psych to go to. I enjoy being close to civilization and good network. The Lord knows the struggle I go to to get a 3G network connection. The first thing you do when you reach home is to change the network settings from 4G to 2G. There is this specific spot in a couch in the corner of the house where messages will start coming through. In my bedroom I talk to no one because my phone gets connection at a specific angle on the bed. The struggle is always real.

Luckily we have a bit of civilization like a TV to watch some few programs. Though the house is modern it is surrounded my nature which is usually welcoming! There are so many trees around the house and a lawn will green grass. Well last time I saw the lawn it was green, hopefully it will still be green. There no cows or animals to make it a more normal shags but there are few chickens here and there ready to be eaten for Christmas.

Shags is always a good place to just relax and forget about the busy city. That being a good reason one would wonder why I never go. No one can answer that question because I don’t know it myself. I just find myself never stepping foot in shags even for a weekend but now I’m here going for a week! My father is having a delight thinking of how much we’ll suffer due to the lack of internet and he has internet obsessed children. We will survive for sure and climb those trees to get the internet.

What I can’t wait for is the sky full of stars each night I’m there. With earphones enjoying some good music as I look at the vehicles on Mombasa road and a sky full of stars. It’s usually calming to just sit outside and have the fresh cold air. It’s just as easily makes one forget all the troubles of the world. Then you add a good book to the mixture, you’re out of this world!

There just a bit of excitement to go to shags because i get to sit outside of our house talking stories with my brother. He always has the most interesting stories about high school and weird stories about physics (he’s a little nerd). Especially when we have the “jiko” lit and enjoying some warmth, it sure does get cold at night in shags.

Now we hope the grass is still green, the trees still have some leaves and the sky will be full of stars!

Stay safe stay happy 💋


Behind every scar there is a story. There’s is a lesson learnt. Behind every single scar is a person who has cried tears unseen and has endured unknown pain. Every scar is cry from pain. It’s a cry morphed into lines down the thighs, stomach, wrist, lines down the heart. There can’t be a scar without a story behind it. The story is never one to bring a smile to someone’s face.

If you ever hear a story of a scar don’t let the first thought to come to your mind be “attention”. A scar is always seen as some sort of cry from attention. It is far from that, very far. Behind every scar is a life hoping to stay alive on this earth. The pain that someone would have endured to have to scar themselves. Can you imagine the thoughts behind a scar or worse scars?

A scar has to come from a place of pain and hurt. Not just your ordinary kinda of pain. The pain that it takes for a scar to litter someone’s body’s has to be a great deal. The scars are never pretty because which scars are pretty. But they do explain why someone is how they are! It takes a very special person to understand a story behind the scars.

The demons hidden within the minds of the scar. Whispering everyday to add just one more scar to the family. To increase the art of scaring. The whispers never go away because the pain never takes time to heal. They walk hand in hand, pain and scars. Together as the go towards their paradise. Inhabiting this glorious place they have finally called home. Never wanting to leave because it’s their safe place.

It’s the dull feeling that follows have the scars. Behind every scar is a sigh of relief. Relief from what? Only a special person would understand the relief gotten from the scaring. Behind every scar is a person who wants to be understood. A person who just wants to be taught how to not listen to the whispers. When the person never comes along to understand, the scars feel the need to keep staying. The scars are their sort of comfort for now. Behind every scar is a story.

Who wants to hear the story of the scar? It’s never a good story but it’s always a lesson. No scar wants their story heard by anyone. No scar wants to be seen. Especially to be seen because they are always a secret. A secret kept just for themselves. Only they know exist, only they know the story. The scar just wants to keep existing so it’s kept itself a secret.

Some scars run deep, deep within the soul. Not every eye can see. When the hurt runs deep the walls come high and the scars well, they run much deeper. The deeper the scar, the further the soul is. You might think you understand the scar or that they’re an “open book”. Behind every scar is what they scar let’s you see. If you look deeper or harder you might just see the real reason.

Just behind every scar!

Stay safe stay happy 💋


There I was 10 years old very excited to go to a new school. My stupid young self had willingly accepted to go to a boarding school! Until now I ask myself what I was thinking?! Very proud of myself acting all grown up I left home for my new school.

The prestige school glared down at me as if instilling some sort of fear. I felt a need to look and act sophisticated. My uniform pressed, my shoes brushed, I walked head high to register with the secretary. It was extremely early and no other students had arrived. My father always felt the need to be earlier than needed.

There were the dormitories with many bunk beds and cabinets to store your stuff. I had never seen a dormitory or even a bunk bed! With my short height back then you’d think I’d take a lower bunk. I was aiming for the sky I choose the upper bunk and I was glad I did (I got to be friends with an amazing girl who made being a young boarder less boring).

Then my parents had to leave me alone in this huge school with absolutely no one around. Who leaves a ten year old alone? At a place she doesn’t know how to get around? Didn’t they think I’d be scared? I did what everyone young person does, I started crying buckets. I wasn’t about to let this two humans leave me alone here. I knew I’d be lonely and I didn’t want that. After a bit of comforting and promises that they be back soon, they left. All alone I walked back to the dormitory and sat on my bed for a while. Taking in the environment, it was so quiet. The cabinets were brown and looked so bad!

I decided to go for a walk and explore for a while. The school had a lot of stairs. There were stairs everywhere that made sense since it was on a freaking hill! The classes were built in U shape and the flagposts were in the middle. There was a pond in some place of the school, I won’t say the middle because I don’t really remember. A lady came to me, “hi do you want to go swimming as you wait for other students to arrive?” Hell yes! My feet couldn’t ya fast enough to reach my dorm and change.

The pool was amazing, big enough for students and surrounding by trees acacia trees to be precise. I made a friend, my first friend in boarding not that it made me anymore excited to having being left by the people I thought loved me most! The swimming washed always most of my sadness and anger.

Soon enough other students started arriving. This shy ten year old just sat on her bed and talked to no one. I observed and looked as people filled in the dorm. Most of them already knew each other and were friends. I felt left out of mosh conversations but I wasn’t about to start talking to girls I didn’t know.

This school looked like it was pulled from a novel and I was the nerdy girl surrounded by populars! That’s when the girl next to my bed turned to me, “Hey I’m Christy, you’re new as well?” And well that’s started my exciting journey in a boarding school. I was ten years so I was in class five and since it was the first day of school there was no evening preps.

I didn’t know how amazing the school will turn out to be and also the challenges that came with being in boarding school! The stories are a lot and the sharing will be exciting!

Stay safe stay happy 💋

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Quote of the week


Do I consider myself interesting? No I don’t but why not do random facts just because I can! I’m currently lying on my bed watching a YouTube channel (The Bramfam) and I decided to write.

Fact numero uno, my name is Susan Nzisa Musyimi. Mind blown right well not really. It’s just my plain ordinary name but I don’t use it as the name of the blog. Does that make it a fact?!

Fact numero two , I am right handed but my left hand is stronger. I use my left hand to do almost everything even carry stuff around. Does that mean I was meant to be left handed and was actually trained to write with my right hand?!

Fact numero trios, I started writing when I was 14! I write my first novel when I was in high school and I gave it to my friends to read it. They said it was actually decent so there began my journey to being author.

Fact numero four (how do you spell four in French?!) I was a champion in running back in the day. I actually ended up being the first to finish a marathon (in the girls category) and I was number 11 overall. I have medals and certificates lying around the house somewhere. Well that was when I was in primary when I was energetic and active. Now I’m pretty much a lazy person who can’t jog to save her life!

Fact number five, I am pretty good at swimming. I’m a fish and love being in water all the time. I started swimming when I was in class four I guess. When I was in class five I almost drowned and that’s how I became a swimmer (everyone has a story of how they became a good swimmer mine is drowning). I tried joining the swimming team in campus but the exercises were not meant for me!

Fact number six, I’ve been to four schools excluding campus. Are those a lot or a few? I know people who have been to more that six schools just in high school. For someone who doesn’t being in new environments I hate switching schools. When I switched from day schooling to being a boarder it was traumatizing. I only went to one high school and that was also a journey.

Fact number seven, I have no patience in my body. When someone makes me wait I eventually leave it won’t matter if it was important or not. I usually arrive on time (on most instanced) so waiting for people is one of my worst pet peeves. Some of my friends I’ve experience the torture of arriving at a place late and finding I’ve already gone. I am improving on being patient, pat on the back Sue.

Fact number six, I love pineapples on pizza! Those pineapple hater can go to the corner and think about their life. Hawaiian pizza is the best food to be invented. I am a pizza lover and yes I do eat a large pizza by myself. “Then why the hell are you skinny?” My anatomy enjoys being petite and adorable 😊

Fact number ten, my favorite holiday is Christmas and my worst holiday is Valentines. Is valentines even a holiday or just a normal day? I have reasons why I don’t like Valentines and they don’t involve being in a relationship or not. I would still have a boyfriend and still hate the day. But Christmas is another story, it’s joyful and colorful. I’ve always loved Christmas ever since I was kid and I was one of the children who believed in Santa 🤷🏻‍♀️

Face number eleven, I have a bit of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). There are many types of OCD which I won’t get into. As for me I like when things are exactly how I put them for example shoes have to be neatly arranged in a certain way and if even one moves I can’t do anything else until I fix it. The funny one which everyone laughs at is how I hang my clothes 😂 According to type of clothe and color (white shirts first degrading according to color and so on….) and the pegs have to be the same color through out (all whites first then blue and so on) Yes I’m turning out to be interesting right? 😂

Fact number twelve, I have read more than 100 goosebumps. Tell me a goosebump I haven’t read and I will go buy it! That was back in primary when goosebumps were so famous.

That’s enough random facts…..to be continued in another blog.

Stay safe stay happy 💋

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Quote of the day


The girl finally looks up from the book she was engrossed in and that’s when she noticed him. Not sitting that far from her but also not sitting so close enough for her to tell what he was reading. After staring for a couple of minutes she decides to go back to her on book. Silly girl didn’t know that at that very moment common sense would be leaving her body.

She takes up her book to leave the library but not before she steals one more glance at him. “Why haven’t I ever noticed this guy before?” I guess that’s because her nose is always stuck in a book or her phone. The girl walks around oblivious to what happens around her but that day she noticed. He seemed like a nice guy but that’s all she gathered from just one stare. Guys are nice when they are way over there on the other side of her world. Once they come close they turn into little devils and she didn’t want that around her.

Well, since that has passed the girl was adamant she will never see that boy again. Boy was she shocked when the next day that guy was seated at the exact same spot as the day before yet again nose deep in some stupid book. “Here we go again, don’t freaking stare at the boy Lisbeth!” She was determined on focusing on her own reading for an hour or so before she has to leave the library again. Here was a distraction in the form of a human being, dressed in some funny clothing, reading a book looking all attractive and admirable! Her eyes lifted from the book, just like the day before, and this time she stared for just a few seconds longer. Her head resting on her palm while the other hand held her book open. The boy looked ordinary but yet she didn’t understand why she was staring ever so often.

The girl didn’t get much reading and that frustrated the hell out of her! This bit of distraction was biting into her favorite pass time. She thought herself as weird because she enjoyed reading and found it as a hobby. As she left, the girl turned back just for a split second to stare (creep much?!) but this time her eyes meet his! She blinked for a few seconds but averting her head and zooming out of the library. The smile on her face couldn’t be wiped even by the thought of not finishing her favorite novel as planned.

A tale about a crush or just some common sense leaving the girl’s body to be continued……………….

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Quote of the day


Dear 16 year old Sue,

You’re that scared little girl who covers it up with being mean and a big bully. So scared of showing the real you to the world. Masking your vulnerability with being a “don’t care”. Always being the mean girl that most people don’t relate with. The girl who has no interest whatsoever in what other people feel.

You’re that girl who thinks that life revolves around being a rebel. Who thinks that life will never get better. That girl no one really knows what goes on in her head. The girl who’s potential is locked up with herself because she’s scared of the outcome. The 16 year old who is so obsessed with pleasing everyone around her. It seems like the people around you are against you (well some of them are). Your emotions are so confusing and you don’t have a single clue who you are! You’re a bit confused, a bit tired of life and a bit tired of pretending.

Putting on a brave face everyday is hard for you. Trying to smile and laugh each day must be taking a toll on you. All you wantto do is open up to someone. Who can you turn to and tell all your shit to when everyone thinks you have your life figured out. Yes, you’re this rebel girl who argues with prefects and teachers. Yes, you’re this rebel girl who is in everyone’s business. Is that the real you? Do they know the real Sue? Or are you just pretending, trying to fit.

Depression comes along and you have no clue what that is. You don’t know why sometimes you’re sad, sometimes you’re happy. Sometimes you just want to lock yourself in the room and just be alone. Sometimes you want to be around people. Depression was that old friend that came to visit every time you closed school and felt the need to disappear when schools open. But now and then your old friend will come check on you while your in school. On those days you’ll be sad and mean and annoying. Yet, no one has a single clue right? You’re a teenager and every teen cause through some sort of hardship.

Well there days where you feel the happiest you’ve ever been. You take those days to heart and never forget a single one of them. Being 16 is amazing isn’t it? Life is just but beginning and you love every single bit of it! Books are getting easier to read, classes are getting enjoyable to attend and your friends are creating even better memories with you. Then there are fights with your mother and your close friends. It hurts doesn’t it? To not talk to your best friends for weeks, to argue with one of your closest friends in class and to stay quiet for days just cause your feelings are hurt. You want to turn and talk to your friend but then you remember that you’re in a huge fight with them. Sounds silly right? Those stupid fights with your friends that you laugh about weeks after. You’re still friends with them don’t worry! Some friendships babygirl are forever. You loose some, you gain some!

16 year old Sue don’t be so afraid to embrace the real you it’s what makes you who you are. The soft, weird, silly, kindhearted Sue is what makes you, Sue. Don’t close yourself off from people when your old friend comes to visit, it always helps! Choose your friends wisely cause some of them stick with you for a long time. Don’t be afraid to open up to someone. Talking out your emotions might just make you feel a little less confused. Your still young and have your life ahead of you! These teenage years shall come to pass and life will get a bit better. There might be bumps here and there but your so much stronger than you think. You will survive this and you will come out stronger!

Yours forever,

Trying to be an adult Sue 💋

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Quote of the day