I’m not even sure I remember how to write anymore it has been a while! To be honest I have missed writing and spreading positivity through my blogs. We all know what blogging is to me (if this is your first time reading don’t be shy to scroll up and read on my many reasons to blog)

This will be a very short blog to briefly update my amazing readers on what I’ve been up to and talk about BLOG-MAS!


Since the last time I posted I blog I have been buried in books preparing for my exams. Law school is proving to be a huge pain in the behind. We keep pushing forward with the heavy baggage of reading and cramming. I will not be preaching about being a prepared a student because clearly I’m one of the last minute students.

Us last minute student should not be bashed we are still very serious. If our grades are good, then we are great students! I am not yet done with my exams but I decided to take a few minutes and write. My creative brain has been bugging to come out and create some amazing content. I am like tingling with topics to write on and various ways to talk on “sensitive topics”.

Basically that has been my life the past few weeks. Wake up, school, read, home, sleep, repeat. In other news I shifted to a hostel and that is very exciting! I have always lived alone or with my family but not with other students. I will be sure to talk all about in my upcoming blogs.


I picked this idea from various You-tubers who are on the “vlog-mas” vibe. That means they post a video every single day until Christmas. So now it is writing a new blog every single day till Christmas!

Posting twice a week is usually a struggle but I am very determined to start posting daily. Especially after I finish my exams I will focus on my blog and my writing. My blog plan is overflowing with content waiting to be put into words and finally be posted as a blog.

I have various topics to write about, from law to lifestyle, fashion, life, life-skills, some bit of motivation and also some tips here and there. Blog-Mas is an exciting idea waiting to be worked on and as a writer I can not wait. Being a writer is hard but everyday is a new lesson. I learn new things everyday about not only blogging but also writing. We all have goals to achieve by a certain point in our live and my goals revolve around law and WRITING!

Growing up a huge reader has drawn me so much to creating my own content and spreading all sort positivity through writing! As I wrote above, this was going to be a very short blog. Some sort of a filler blog to update my readers on the upcoming December project. As from next week, blogs will be posted daily. I hope it was a somewhat good read and y’all can’t wait for Blog-Mas like myself 😊

Stay safe stay happy 💋

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Let’s be real on how important friendships are. Where would you find a person who has no friends? Absolutely no one that they can call a friend? I do believe that we all need a friend that we can be ourselves with and feel loved. Friendship is that one person who always loves you, the imperfect you, the confused you, the succeeding you because that is what people are supposed to do.


We all have our small believes and crowds of people. Some people will stay strong on “the crew shit” and other will prefer “the small circle”. We agree that lawmeetslifestyle is judgment free zone and we all have our opinions on life. I anchor more on the small circle type of friendship. I really love the few friends I have because I know they will always have my back. Having a crew is fun and all. Y’all will be meeting and go out with the bunch of people. You’ll feel being in the crew is an honor of some sort and that all of you will always be there for each other.

Yes “the crew shit” is a burst of fun but wait until just one person messes up. Is there choosing of sides or y’all gang up on one person? Does the messed up one have to leave the crew? Or forgiveness of some sort? Especially girls, let’s be honest here, girls can be brutal to one another. Guys are more easy and brush things under the rug. But girls will go for years holding on to a grudge!

All in all friendship is a beautiful thing. I always say that “friends are the chocolate chip cookies in this cookie jar of life”. When you’re feeling like you can’t deal anymore, there is that one person you can rant to for hours (a name came to mind right?). They are there to uplift you and rejoice in your success. You can’t be out here working hard and having someone pull of you down.


Here’s where we jump into toxic friendships.

You might have known that person for years and years but still they are toxic to you. When they’re being too possessive of you and who should hang out with. They out there gossiping you to every Tom, Dick and Harry! Those friends be the ones who are never happy for you and always see a flaw in everything you do. They be the ones who always want you to be the listener and rarely understands you! Those people want to change you and you find it hard to be yourself around them. Toxic friendship right there. What should you do? Run in the opposite direction! Cut that rope loose and let it hurt for a while cause yes sure you found comfort in the person.


I can write and write about the chocolate chips friends. They bring such a sense of comfort to a persons’ soul. It never matter how long you’ve known someone, its always about those who came and never left.

I’m now convinced that soulmate friends are real. There those people you just meet and the connection it so real it’s unbelievable.

Short story so as mentioned in my previous blogs (check them out if you haven’t yet 😉) I was on internship for two months. During that internship I was introduced to this amazing person! At first I was super scared cause I just don’t know how to interact with people I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️. I’m this weird human being, who laughs too loud, always has her huge smile on and I’m just too hyped. Now the girl appeared more mature than I am (because who isn’t seriously susan you behave like a ten year old 😂), she seemed more put together and I was scared that we won’t end up being friends after the introduction. Boy was I wrong! I never clicked with anyone and felt more myself than with that kagirl. We were almost the same person, we were similar in so many ways! I feel like I was always meant to meet her and she teaches me a new perception of life! So see soulmate friends exist, mine came to me when I needed one the most (she gets it, and I love her so much!)

These are type of friends you know you can always count on. If you in a fix and need some help you can always hit them up. They never have excuses for you and will always be there to listen.

My friends uplift me when it comes to blogging, always hyping me and being happy when I reach a milestone! They also correct me and tell me where to improve because they know how much blogging means to me and that to me is true friendship. There is this one person who tells me things as they are, no sugar-coating. There is honesty in a friendship that is very much needed. If you’re doing something wrong, they are there to correct.

I know humans are to error. Once in a while you will brush shoulders and ignore each other for days. But you’ll always end up forgiving each other. Other times you just start talking to them about the amazing thing that has happened because who else will you tell? Even though you’re so mad at them if they come crying to you, you’ll have you arms open ready to comfort them.

Those people who make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little better treasure them. Hope it was a good read and can’t await the next blog! Stay safe stay happy 💋


It has been a minute since I sat down and wrote something. This was the week to come back with a bang to the blog! First of all I would like to thank you all for the support and love y’all have been showing me since day one. It never goes unnoticed 😊 Now we should get the blog to 1,000 reads and over by the end of November.

So shyness? What really is this shyness we all hear and talk about? What makes one person shy and the other confident? Was there some charm that was given to the confident people that the shy ones didn’t get? There are some people who could stand in front of a crowd at a young age for either a speech or poetry. Then there are others who used to hide in the crowd in fear of being picked out. Those who couldn’t answer a question in class even though they knew the answer. The people who rarely talk in class or in the midst of people. Yes, us shy people I’m not excluding myself from the list!

There is that tolerable shyness that’s cute and adorable. Where you blush just because a person talks to you, where your never the first one to start a conversation. Then there is the shyness which leads to anxiety. You become sweaty and your heart rate skyrockets at the sight of something uncomfortable. This is the type of shyness I have also been dealing with for a while. Around people I know I am a parrot, I don’t know how to shut up. I am out going and love having fun but there is the dark side to the fun-loving, goofy girl right? We all know someone like that or we are someone like that?


One way which I have found useful is the breathe test. Taking around ten short breathes until you feel like your body has calmed down. Let your mind relax and just focus on the breathing.

This anxiety can even happen by just entering into a room with people you don’t know! (Short story time; I used to be a student at Alliance Francaise (its a French institution). For majority of the weeks I used to get panic attacks just by going up the stairs to enter the class. That’s because I knew no one in the entire school and I generally don’t like such situations). The breathe test usually helps you to stop focusing on the uncomfortable situations and instead turn your attention to the breathes. With that you’ll find yourself getting even better 😊


In instances where you’re with a crowd where you tend to crawl into your shell, turn to a friend and start talking with them. As you talk you’ll see others joining in and it will be easier to converse with someone you know being part of the conversation. You’ll still feel a bit shy but at least your body will be calm with the presence of a familiar person!


I know this is a far fetch 😂 but meditation helps the body to be calm and to relax the mind. I won’t be here saying that I mediate daily for nourishment of the body because I did it for a week and became lazy.

But I must say that week I felt more at peace with myself. You can master a type of meditation lesson which you can practice when you feel an anxiety attack building up. We all want to avoid the situation of getting a panic attack anywhere so why not go the long mile to prevent them. Regular meditation might come to be helpful in getting a neutral place in your mind.


I can’t emphasis this enough! Keep smiling and think positive thoughts. This might be hard when you’re having a constant battle with your own soul but you should at least try right? With anxiety you often feel like everyone is just looking at you, talking about you, that you’ve done something wrong. It’s scary to be kept in the spotlight when you’re this shy person, it’s never a pretty sight 😂 You can at least keep yourself happy and spread positivity to curb the negative thoughts you think about yourself!

Accept a challenge and give yourself a task for a week. On Monday compliment a stranger, on Tuesday go out for lunch with someone (friend or a classmate), Wednesday video-call a distant friend without making yourself look pretty or handsome, Thursday go for a public meeting, Friday go out with your friends and over the weekend attend a social event.

Every career is demanding and needs someone to be confident. Careers like law need a very confident person for when you’re putting across your point. When your shy and get all sort of panic attacks, how are to stand before an entire court and speak up. The time to overcome shyness is now (Take your ow advice dear blogger 😂)! Let’s all stay happy and spread positivity. Hope it was a good read. Don’t forget to like, leave a comment, follow and feel free to share the blog with anyone. Stay safe stay happy 💋

*quotes gotten from Pinterest 🤗*