Look who is trying to sneak back into blogging like she didn’t disappear for days. At least I am back to writing, well struggling to write. If you follow me on Instagram you saw my rant on “mondayconvos”.

Basically I said that I feel detached from the creative part of me. I don’t want to write just so I can post and get reads and that’s it. Hell no, I want to write because it makes me happy. As for now I do not feel that creative therefore I’m not that pumped to blog.

When I opened my wordpress app the title was “All the tea on my vacation”. That was the title of my blog and what I had planned to write today. On Thursday I was to post an update on how the school semester is so far. As I was writing the first line I felt a bit off and couldn’t continue with the blog. I was ready to tell you all about my trip to Malindi and all the exciting things I did. When I don’t even have the words to write what exactly is the use of posting? Why should I write a blog which won’t be exciting to read?

When I blog I usually have this excitement. I always have my notebook and pen ready to jot down notes and look at my points but now all I want is to close this app and go on with my day. I usually see people saying how they’re taking a break from social media and I strongly feel I should take a break from blogging. I haven’t been blogging for that long but I feel the need to just take a step back. This little girl is just going through some stuff that she needs to sort out first before she gets back to blogging 😊.

Lemme steal some words from Liza Koshy (if you don’t know who she is go to YouTube and search Liza Koshy, you won’t regret it). “It’s not stuff that I can’t deal with, it’s just that I want to spread mayonnaise and I only have mustard and I need the mayonnaise. And we are working on getting the mayonnaise 😊”.

This blog has taken a very drastic turn 😂 from a story time to taking a break. I think it’s external stress and school that’s making me feel detached from writing. No worries your girl will be back very soon. Y’all won’t even notice my absence 😊. I will work on a blog plan for the rest of the year so when I’m back it’s serious business. I am turning all my attention to my unfinished novel on wattpad so head on there and read the book (I will link it below). I love you guys so much and thank you for the support so far. Stay safe stay happy 💋





Hello there wonderful readers! How long has it been since my last post, days or weeks?? I feel like I have improved on the consistency but I need to put in a little more effort. I will not make any promises to that but I will try and put effort to post twice month.

As you’ve read in the topic, I am going on a vacation! During the internship period I got together with a few of my friends and planned a trip. I have been planing for this trip for a month now and it’s finally here. I will be leaving on Thursday and I can’t wait to take you with me. Yes, I do plan on documenting my entire vacation. So, I am going for three days because the semester is in session. I am willing to sacrifice two days of the semester to re-energized myself. I feel like I am a tad bit stressed and not focused at all.

My excitement is over the top!!!!!

When I planned this trip I was in a low point. I felt like I needed to get away for a while and be around some positivity. This trip was a way of getting back to my old self and erasing some stressful parts of my kayoung life. A friend of mine told me that “I don’t live to enjoy but to survive” and I do believe that is true. So my expectation during this short vacation will be to tune my mind from survival mode to a mode where I’m living life to the fullest, you understand right?

It’s crazy 😜 how I’m excited!!![[[[
I was just seated in the office feeling all moody and shit when the idea of the vacation came to mind. I googled good hotels with affordable price on this amazing site (booking.com). Once I got the perfect place I texted my close friend and we organized something small that will be exciting and memorable. It all happened so fast and now here I am planning on packing for the trip. I am not revealing the location till my next blog 😉 so be sure to read it loves 😊

I wanted to do “a packing for a vacation” blog but I’m sure that will reveal the location so I will write that on the next blog along with an overview of how the vacation went. That was my exciting news and I’m glad to share it will all my readers (seriously need a squad name 😭). Am I excited for this trip? Hell yes I am, more than excited. I have this anxious feeling of how the vacation will turn out. Planned all the places that I want to visit and all the things I plan to do with my friends. I am going with five of my friends who I hope will have mad fun like I plan to have! (So if you’re reading this be ready to have crazy fun 😂)

Hope y’all are anxious for the vacation blog

I leave for the trip on Thursday so I might not post a blog on that day. Since I plan to be focused with this consistency I will write a short blog for my amazing readers! Hope this was an amazing read and you enjoy getting a glimpse of my rollercoaster life. Don’t forget to like and leave a comment and if you’re new to this blog press the follow bottom to join this amazing forum 🖤 With that stay safe stay happy 💋




Today is a sad and conflicting blog but we have to make a decision together as a team. We are still a team with no “squad name”!! What do y’all think of “lit squad” feel free to give me ideas on squad names 😊. Anyway back to the matter at hand the tiresome conflict that’s going on in my mind. Hope y’all are doing well and having a great beginning of the week 😊

So, obviously I have not been posting any law blogs lately. I do try and make a plan for the law category but I find myself venturing more on the lifestyle category and vlogs. When I began this blog I wanted it to be a mixture of both law and lifestyle. Now I feel more interested in writing lifestyle blogs more. Lifestyle topics are really interesting to me and I enjoy writing them a lot. As for law, that is what I study in school and writing them feels like another assignment I’m giving myself. I’m I making any sense here??!!

I wanted to write law blogs as a way of educating others about what I am learning in school. I felt it would be great to share with everyone what law entails and what law really is. Now it is getting a bit hectic with all the research to get the perfect facts because law is all facts and little opinion. I will continue with the law blogs but I need to plan if it will be once a month or I interchange during the week.

Blogging brings such happiness in my life and keeps me sane. This blog is for me to stay happy and do what I love which is writing. The conflict with the topics is causing a drift in my blog plan but I do plan on fixing it very soon. I should include both categories as I intended when I started my blog. It is law meets lifestyle after all 😊

Now that we have that out of the way, it is a new month and new amazing content! I will continue post twice a week as I did during internship. I have some amazing content planned for this month and can’t wait for y’all to read it them. Thank you for the previous reads and all the support I have received the previous month. It’s a new month with new goals. Feel free to share with me you’re goals for this month in the comments section.

That’s it for today hope it was a good read. Stay safe stay happy 💋