Hello there beautiful people, today’s blog is going to be a bit hard to do. If you do follow me on IG you definitely have seen that I have a video about this blog. Typing a what’s in my bag is harder than I thought. This will be about what I carried in my bag during my internship program. As I am finishing my internship I thought why not do two final blogs concerning my internship so this is the first of those blogs. Making the video was very enjoyable and exciting. Who thought I would like talking to my phone?! πŸ˜‚ I am thinking of doing more videos (tell me what you think in the comments section 😊)

So how do I begin this? The bag that I do carry to work is a backpack typa bag. This is because the only handbag I ever owned got ruined and I was too lazy to take it to the tailor. I carried basically all my essentials;

1) My makeup for the day. That is like the lipstick that am wearing and powder for when my face gets oily. I never leave Vaseline behind for my ever drying lips πŸ˜‚

2) Notebook where I jot down my plans for my blogs and stories. I also write notes from work in the same notebook which is surprisingly not full yet πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

3) I never leave the house without my charger. My phone rarely gets on low battery but it’s better safe than sorry right πŸ˜‰

4) Everything else will be said in the video so be sure to watch it 😘

If you would like to know all about what’s in my bag click on the video below πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸ½



So that’s it for this blog. Very short but that’s because there is video for it and I did not plan the writing very well (I apologize) I am doing a double blog post to cover for Tuesday. I do believe that I have improved in the consistency which is something I am proud of. Hope y’all enjoyed the video and this blog. Stay safe stay happy πŸ’‹





Hello!!! Here is yet another blog on the same day. I’m on a freaking roll here πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ. A few weeks ago I posted a blog about how I got an internship and it has finally come to an end. I was mad excited to work for the first time ever. Never have I stayed in an office for eight hours and get a salary. So yeah you’re girl was crazy excited to work (that did not last). I am going to talk about all my favorites of the internship and also what I did not like.

Internship day one πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


One of my best moments at work was friends I made. I have never been a social being and I am very shy πŸ˜‚ But I did make a few friends who we grew close as the internship progressed. They totally made my time at the office very exciting. One of the friends I met have become a very important person in my life. She is drop down a special friend πŸ–€. I enjoyed how I was pushed out of my comfort zone and had to socialize with people. The shyness did not fly out the window though.

Also I enjoyed learning about the law career. It’s so weird that I love learning and reading but I do. So the fact that I got to learn about what am taught in class was pretty exciting. At the internship I had the opportunity to learn so much about law and the legal field. The advocates were willing to teach us about what their work at the legal department, well not all them 🀭.

I matured a lot during the internship. If it was because of being around older people I have no idea. I do feel like I have gone a notch higher in the maturity section and I love it! I have gotten to evolve and gone through a lot of growth. Also my blog did become serious during the internship πŸ˜ƒ I started putting a lot of work into my blog and my stories. I understood the concept of work and used it in my personal work. Growth is very different to everyone and it’s hard to explain it to someone πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


First of all is waking up!!! I hated waking up early everyday for two months. Waking up was a huge struggle for me and most days I overslept πŸ˜‚. Snoozing the alarm become my favorite thing to do. It became the worst sound in my world. The first week was the worst but it got better as the weeks went by. Now that the internship is over I get to rest before school opens and I’m back to waking up again.

I most defiantly did enjoy like wearing official five days a week. My style is more street casual and having to wear a pant suit was hard work. I always tried to make my dressing a bit casual without being caught. It was hard to style my clothes everyday because I never wear office pieces……..ever! Having to wear an official trouser and discard my jeans for two months was like death πŸ˜‚. Now I get to go back to my style which I have been learning how to pump it and add a bit of class to it (will do a blog very soon 🀨).

Above I mentioned that I made a friend who soon became my soul sister and I was crushed when she finished her internship. My days got boring and my lunches got lonely 😭. The month after she left I tuned myself to become more social with the other people to not die of boredom. She left me all alone in a world of uncertainty!

I tend to make my blogs not too long so I will end it here. Hope you enjoyed this blog! Clearly I did not plan these two blogs properly and I am disappointed in myself. Await for better content and more and more and more blogs. Stay safe stay happy πŸ’‹




Hello there beautiful people, it’s you’re girl back with another blog! What’s in store for us today is an exciting fashion blog about how to style your jeans. Most girls wear jeans everywhere and for everything. Personally I wear jeans almost everyday; to school, to events, to every single place. I find jeans easily to style and look very chic in. If I don’t know what to wear, I’ll just throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and I’m good to go πŸ˜ƒ. So let’s jump into this blog and see the different ways we can style our jeans.


I like to style my jeans with a plain white t-shirt to have a casual wear. It’s a very comfortable style and also very stylish. It maybe drop down casual but you can turn it into a very chic style. With a plain white tee you can tuck in the blouse into your jeans and some sneakers and giiiirl you are going to be gorgeous!

I knooow it’s not tucked in but let’s imagine it is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

If a tucked in t-shirt is a bit plain you can opt to fold it at the front or behind. I opt to fold the front of the t-shirt to give my look a bit more feel. It does show a little tummy depending on how high you tie the knot. I tend to show just a bit of tummy to give the look a more street look but still looking decent 😁

And it shows just a bit of tummy πŸ˜‰

There’s a lot you can do with a white tee and some good pair of jeans. You can just wear it very shabby but still look put together πŸ˜‚ What would we girls do without jeans???!!!!

What i deed???!!Just worn a tee shabby πŸ˜‚


My loves (we should work on a squad name!!!!!) you need at least one statement blouse in a closet. One that when you wear it just blows people away. It doesn’t have to be flashy or designer just let it leave a mark on your look. It makes you look more classy. Pair it with your jeans and there you have a look! You don’t have to own those flashy looking pieces to look classy. Just know how to pair your own pieces and make a statement. With jeans we have the power to look however we want. A statement blouse brings a jeans look to a whole other level of class. Go ahead try it 😏

Here is my statement blouse πŸ˜‚ I don’t have another photo

An off shoulder top can bring about a certain statement. Shoulders are the new cleavage πŸ˜‰. You can tuck it into your jeans or just wear it down. Either way it will style your jeans perfectly and make a boring jeans look a more classy look.

Casual but still leaves a statement


Now to those like me who like to have a more street look this is for us. We girls who love our casual t-shirt, our crop tops, our vests!!!!! I usually opt for a street look when I’m rushing to school or just to hang out with my friend. I will wear a classy look if I’m going to an event or a place with a crowd to impress. A street look might be casual but it makes someone look totally put together. It makes you look like you own the fashion if you know how to pair your pieces.

Slay that street look!!!!!

I do believe knowing how to pair your clothes is very important. You can own all types of clothes but have no idea how to pair them. Then you end up looking like a fashion offender.

Am I doing this right πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Bring out the rugged jeans with a crop top and your denim or whatever jacket you wear on top pair them with a good pair of shoe (sneakers, heels, flats, heels) and lets go out for lunch or some hang out somewhere 😊.

There are ways to wear your jeans according to how you want to pair it with the shirt. You can fold them at the bottom to give them a boyfriend look (I love this type of look, I believe it makes me look casual and comfortable), you can just wear them normally and you have your rugged jeans. Let’s not forget the high waist jeans, they pair so well with a good shirt (and the make the booty look good too πŸ˜‰πŸ‘).

Notice how I folded the jeans to give it more feel

So there are other ways to wear a pair of jeans. Let’s discuss about all of that in the comment section!!!! How you wear them with just jumpers πŸ˜‰ or with a simple sweatshirt πŸ˜‰

That is all for this blog. There was no blog on Tuesday my apologies I was caught up with daily life, it happens. I would really love to interact with you so leave a comment on how you’re liking this blog and if there’s anything you’d like me to add 😊. Also share with me how you like to wear your jeans!!!! Hope you enjoyed this blog until next time stay safe stay happy πŸ’‹

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Book of the week


It’s on wattpad beware it is not complete but it is an amazing read!


Heeeelllooo there beautiful people, it’s you’re girl here back with another blog. I am super excited to write this specific blog because it’s all about my favorite things this month of August. I have a couple of things that I feel in love with so let’s jump into this blog. ( should I start doing videos or no? Query for another day 😁)

First of will be books:

Y’all know (we need a squad name 😭😭 ideas anyone???) I love reading and mama loves her books. I am constantly looking for a new book to read the minute I finish one book. This month’s book is The Raven’s Boys!!!! I already did a review for this book in a previous blog (just scroll up and you’ll be sure to find it πŸ˜‰). As I said before this book was an absolute favorite. It had so much emotions in it and suspense. It was really my type of book especially since it was a series novel. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to read book 2 but immediately I do I will be posting a review. In terms of Wattpad novels, this month’s book is the “The heartbroken heartbreaker” I will put the link below so anyone who wants to give it a read and get it easily.


Now here I don’t even have talk much on this. I have been on an unhealthy obsession with Pretty Little Liars (PLL). I know I am watching it years after everyone. I heard about it years ago but never got to watch it. When I started I never finished until I reached the final season. I was addicted to that series for months. I ate, breathed, slept PLL. Now that I have finished it I feel like I have no purpose in life anymore 😭😭


I only recently started getting into makeup. I was the eyeliner and lipstick kinda girl but we all grow up. This month I’ve been into foundation a lot, getting to know which one has the best coverage and is suitable for my skin tone. I’m still working on it and will let you guys know which brand I like most. Also I’ve been trying on mascara and I love the volume it’s giving my non existence lashes. Isn’t it so annoying that guys have lashes that they don’t need πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ. In the part of makeup I have been obsessed with skin care. My people my skin is about to get a glow up very soon. In this part of obsession am still figuring out my favorite and will let you guys know very soon.


You’re girl here is a fitness addict with season. Some days I am so in the mood to get thaaaat body others days am too lazy to do a sit up. This month I have been so into my workout and my obsession is hip hop workout. I always do it after my regular exercises and I can see the benefits. My tiny baby abs are coming back and I am more than in love with them. I have no issue with any body type but I personally like to have a ab-filled belly and nice round tushy.


I love fashion and everything to do with clothes. I wish I would shop every single clothe I see in shops, apps and streets. I am obsessed with my navy blue trench which goes well with every clothe I wear my people. Short dresses, jeans every single item in my closet! It was very easily become my Sunday best and am not ashamed of it 😎 I have this loose fitting pants that am currently obsessed with but I don’t have a photo I could show you 😫 it is to die for.

Those are my current obsession. Let me know if I should add anything to the list like maybe apps or foods or even restaurants πŸ€” Thank you for reading this very very late blog post. I get so caught up with daily life I forget to post. You’re girl is trying her best to work on this consistency thing.

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Till the next blog, stay safe and stay happy πŸ’‹


Hello there beautiful people, it’s your girl here back with another post. I am writing this blog knowing I will post it months from now. For people writing is a hobby or a way to get income but to me writing is an escape. It is an escape from all my troubles in the world. It is a place I can pretend everything is fine. I can create an illusion that my world is not crumbling and that am happy with how things are. Writing makes me forget for just a moment and for just that one moment I smile 😊. Like I am right now, I am trying to forget somethings, is it working? Probably not but I write still cause that’s what I do best. In this blog I want to feel like Drake πŸ˜‚, I won’t write anything about law or lifestyle. I’ll write about why I write and what does it do to me not only as person but also as a writer.

You probably read this weeks or months after I have typed this it but at least you’ll read. This blog is something very important to me to me since the day I signed up. Writing blogs brings so much joy to my heart more that anything else. I started writing novels in my high school days and I never stopped writing since. That’s where I discovered my love for writing. Well a writer is always reading and trust me I’ve been reading novels since my kindergarten days. I write because it inspires me. It inspires me to be better than I am. To live each day as if it were my last and to appreciate everything and everyone around me. I write because it helps me forget. When people are sad the do something to distract themselves. Some drown their sorrow in alcohol, some take on an activity and other lock themselves from the world but myself I write. I write because it washes away the dust of everyday life. Not everyone’s life is squicky perfect πŸ˜‚, some people out there have a hard life and need a distraction. Mine is to freaking write and emerge myself in books. When I feel myself drifting to a lot of writing I know something is a miss but I don’t worry I just write.

What writing does to me is that it helps me not fall into abyss. It holds me back from drowning in my sorrow or lashing out due to misfortunes. Writing makes me remember who I am and brings me back to who I need to be. Without writing I don’t know where I’d be 😭. Mental health is very important to me and one needs to take very good care of themselves. Writing is my way of taking care of myself 😊. I’ll never stop writing, the day I stop writing us the day I give up on myself.

I don’t know when I will post this blog or start blogging again. By this going up means am back to posting and I won’t stop again. I just needed to find myself again. By posting this means an well in the journey of healing. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for support and reading this. Stay safe and stay happy πŸ’‹ You’re girl is back!