Hey there beautiful people, it’s you girl here coming to you with yet another blog. If I keep this up I’m going to be such a proud mama very soon. This blog is my baby and I treasure it so much 😭😭.

In the spirit of internships and work let’s talk office look. Dressing official has never been my cup of tea. I’m more of a rugged jeans and sneakers type of girl. Coming for internship has made me get out of my comfort zone. I’ve had to wear suits and know how match my casual wear with my official pieces. I still don’t know how to piece my items together but definitely have a vague idea of how to slay my office look.

(A bathroom selfie is important. That is my skirt look with a crop top and it looks amazing right? Just raised the skirt a bit 😉)

The full look it’s not clear sorry loves

From short dresses to tailored pants I have gather enough information on these official look. You have five days to slay and look your very best in the office. Physical impression is also very important apart from skill. You can’t show up in the office with tattered clothes and worn out items. The clothes don’t have to be new or designer but they have to presentable. You can make an old item work pretty well and look totally classy.

Dressing that tailored suit with a cute top can go a long way. A nice chiffon top has never harmed anyone has it? My ladies you know that chiffon are “see through” and trust me a I have a lot of those in my closet 😂. What I do is wear a singlet first or a light vest top to hide my “skin” from the world. I don’t want to go flashing their entire office when am here trying to build my career. Leave alone a chiffon top even a casual tee can work just as well. It does have to be a plain tee with a high neck line. Don’t go there with the plunging neck lines and low cut neck lines you know unless it’s a casual environment. A legal environment requires one to be at the utmost respect even with the clothing ( which is so hard you guys 😭). So yeah a cute casual tee tucked into you pants and a nice blazer and you have your official look.

(There my loves is a trouser suit look with white flat shoes and paired it up with a shawl scarf 🖤)

The skirts with the slits, your girls get the drift. I personally prefer short skirts with a pair of stockings. A long skirt can work as well but I’ve never tried it (maybe I will 🤷🏻‍♀️). Anyway a skirt with a body suit and you basically done. If not a body suit just any top you own be it a chiffon, a blouse or a casual tee. It does have to be tucked, y’all have to look professional and ready to work! I pair my skirts with a chiffon top mostly or a full neck top and it usually looks cute 😊

The dresses!!!!!! Well I don’t wear official dresses I own like one or two. Am sure an amazing bodycon dress with some heels go pretty well. Your girl here doesn’t know how to walk in heels, if it was fashionably allowed I would wear my office pieces with my sneakers. There are lots of ways to look official and still be classy and sexy 😉 I’m not into the sexy look cause well am very shy with dressing sometimes and I’ve been called a conserved girl but who cares. You should be comfortable with what you wear and shine in it! If you’re into the short skirts and revealing tops, do you girl. If you’re like me and are more in the comfortable dressing let us shine sis 😂

Comfort is key!!!! And smile as much as you can.

Some us of who doesn’t know how to wear heels have to wear flats or ballet shoes every single day are we like that don’t we? I sometimes wish I could wear heels so I could pull of that stilleto and jeans look but we go with what we can. I love my short skirt, stockings and flats look. Before this internship I was like “am going to totally slay that office with this extra office pieces” look at me now piecing together the items I have and going with it. I still slay the office and feel comfortable.

Hope it was a good read and await for the next blog on Thursday. Stay safe and stay happy 💋💋

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Hey beautiful people, it’s your girl here with yet another blog. Two blogs in one week, am on a roll here. I am trying to catch up with the weeks I have not posted so I can get back on track. So from next week it might be two blogs a week (am not sure but maybe) or not. A book review as promised.

How do people start book reviews? I did not do enough research for this but I just wanted to share my thoughts about a novel I just read. It might be helpful for the book lovers out there to know a bit about this book and maybe even get it. We all have different taste in novels but if you love,love novels you can read every single novel that comes your way 😊. As for me I am more interested in fictional novels with supernatural storylines (like the shadow hunters series novel), romance novels (duuuh am a girl who is a hopeless romantic 😂) and a bit of investigation novels (personally I don’t read John Grisham but if it’s really interesting I would). I would recommend the “shadow hunters series” to anyone who loves novels.

This book review is one a series book called “The Ravens Boys” by Maggie Steifvater. It’s part one of four books which am going to dig in as soon as possible. Book one introduces you to the journey of four boys and a girl who take an adventure to find if spirits exist or not. They actually believe they exist and are trying to find a specific spirit. The main character is a girl called Blue, who is from a very unique family. The other four boys namely Gansley, Adam, Noah and Ronan. They all become friends and it makes the book a whole lot interesting.

The book takes you on a thrill trying to figure out what will happen in the next book. It gets you eager to read book two and I personally can not wait to get my hands on the next book. It is a fictional romance book just the way I like them and maybe you will too. Even though you don’t like novels, this is one book you should start with. I don’t want to give too much information on the book so you can go ahead and read it. If you do please share you views with me on the comments or even on my Instagram. I would like to hear from you guys (I love you all so much for reading my blogs 🖤)

Stay safe and be happy.

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Hello beautiful people, it’s your little girl here. I know this blog is overdue but at least it’s here right? I have up down every single street in Nairobi making career moves. Am here now and am here to stay (hopefully 😁). I hope each one of you has been great and achieving their goals one at a time. I believe in setting goals and trying to achieve them. It gives you such satisfaction to accomplish them. You feel like you’re untouchable, like am a freaking “goal guru”.

Anyway the excited news I have is that you’re girl got an internship. It’s what I’ve been upto the past three weeks ( though I have the book review written just waiting to be posted). I started my internship at an organization in Nairobi and it has been a roller coaster since I started. I am learning great amazing things that I can incorporate in my daily and career life. It’s going to be an interesting journey and I want to take you guys along.

I’ll include a segment called “my life as a law intern” under the “know your law” category. I am so excited to tell you guys what I’ll be learn, how the internship is taking me, things I like and don’t like about internship and many more until the end of the work period. It is going to take roughly nine weeks, and y’all better be ready to read and read blogs from yours truly 😛

I am horrible at posting consistently but I have been taking lessons on how to improve on that. My dream is to grow as a writer and be a known blogger. To achieve that needs work and determination and persistence (which I lack). If one wants to achieve something you have to work for it, right? I do plan on working consistently on this blog and be posting amazing content for you guys. I’d love interact with you all in the comment, leave some advice or any topic you’ll like me to talk on around the two categories.

Hope you all enjoyed the brief blog and are excited for the next few weeks of my life as I am. Is Sue planning a double post or nah? 🤔 we’ll never know.

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