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Hey my beautiful people welcome back to yet another blog by yours faithfully. This week let’s talk serial killers, all the juice on this dangerous criminals. Feared by many, yes? I do realize in Kenya there are no many cases as compared to the western countries. Also, in this day and age it is easy to track a killer. Well, with all the science and technology. It is in my believe back then in the 1970s science was not that well developed even getting someone’s DNA was a struggle. I am very fascinated in crime documentaries and serial killers. I have most of them in YouTube and learnt a thing or two about how they think, act and why they do it. By serial killing I mean, mass murder. Let’s venture out of Kenya for a minute and take ourselves to the states, we are there? Good. There was this man named Ted Bundy (feel free to search his documentary on YouTube), he was one of the most notorious serial killers in America.

that my friends is Ted Bundy

I have sung the story of ted Bundy to my friends over and over again. The guy was found guilty of killing 35 women or was it 65 am not really sure of the numbers and those are the ones he confessed for a lesser sentencing. He was conniving and manipulative and to make it worse a law student. Ted Bundy was a smart person having being able to escape prison twice. Maybe serial killers are smart, to be able to commit all those murders without being caught. Well, ted Bundy did portray psychological problems having had a confusing childhood when he found out his sister is his mother. He used to target a particular physical appearance in women. Most serial killers usually have a mental health problem which triggers them to commit the murders and not feel guilty for them. In most documentaries, they portray no remorse for the death of hundreds of people including children. Sentencing for mass murder is a death penalty which is still legal in Kenya but it has been a while since a death penalty had been done (topic for another day my lovelies). The manipulative nature of the killers makes it easier to lure people to their traps. They also usually have a pattern with their killings which is usually evidence for the serial killings. The pattern in their murder is a huge help to finding them. Though it is hard to catch them because outside their murderous state they are known as loving people some even with families.

There was a man who had a lovely family when committed his first murder all because he felt a rush when he was chocking an innocent girl, he continued with the murder usually at a particular place. Fascination with serial killers, digging deep into their lives and mental state has taught me that they had a good childhood, until a point reaches where they just break mentally. The reason they don’t feel guilty is because they think what they are doing is right, as if they are righting a wrong (except the creeps who did it for fun). Ted Bundy was hurt by his mother and a girl who had similar features so to him all women were bad and need to be punished, he was drawn to the ones with similar features. Those documentaries teach a lot and show one how to take care out there, not everyone is an angel right?

This wasn’t really a law session but more of fascinating topic. Let me know if I should write long blogs or keep them short and brief.

Thank you for reading and watch out for my next blog.


Lifestyle by Sue 001

Someone needs to learn about strict consistency for her blog to grow. Anyway, hello my good people and here is another exciting blog. Why has this person posted so late, well not that late? She was suffering from post-avengers’ infinity war stress disorder but has now recovered. Today’s segment will be about lifestyle for specifically ‘how to style a studio apartment’. I am sure gradually I will talk about lifestyle more on YouTube and stick to law on my blogs but for now writing is more fun. So, what is a studio apartment? Its more like a bedsitter but bigger and more defined with separation. Rather than just a biggish room it was a few wall separations. It depends on what studio apartment you go for, I guess also a bedsitter qualifies for studio apartment (a small studio apartment). So first we deal with the separation. You won’t want your bedroom and Living-room to be in one space for better privacy one can go for a bookshelf. A pretty bookshelf always does the trick. You can fill the bookshelf with books (of course) or go for DIY items and those cute geometric pieces (I will definitely pin a picture below), also some greenery won’t be so bad like some small potted plants. Or if you don’t like the whole shelf separation you can hang a sheer curtain but that requires hand work. A couch can also be a good separation piece. I am more into L-shaped couches. I think they look classy and are just an amazing piece to have in your home.

studio apartment

cute geometric pieces, i saw some being sold on amazon (amazeballs)

Putting more colors in the room will make it more defined. Just not throw all the colors in there, go for a theme like black and white, grey and red, rose pink with white, a gold theme. I am definitely drawn to a black, grey and white theme. Yes, a carpet makes a place look less empty, a cute furry carpet never harmed anyone. Can we talk living room for a moment, apart from the couch one can add some big throw pillows and a bean bag because why not? I can not advise a coffee table, we don’t wan the room to look packet. We need space to move around (and have turn ups my people). A tv can be hanged on the wall or just kept on a tv stand. I am really into DIY items especially when it comes to decorating. No one said hanging up printed photos is a crime. Go to Pinterest and download some quotes and cute photos (channel has amazing photos), get some frames and hang them systematically on the wall, or just stick them to the wall if you can’t get frames. There is really no need to have separation to the kitchen, an open floor plan is a good way to go. Throw a fridge there and your cooker. Some pieces for the kitchen such as greenery can lighten up the place.

We obviously don’t want to forget a mirror for those mirror selfies. It will go well in a preferred corner in the house. I prefer a corner beside the bed. A few Christmassy lights around it to throw in the pintrest vibe. We have gotten the idea that your girl is a pintrest addict. If you feeling up to it you can hang a mirror next to the door just to have a classy vibe in your home, a circular mirror does the trick with those gold frames, babe you got the class in your pocket. For the students such as myself don’t dare leave out a study table need that education and good grades, where it goes really depends on how the room I designed. On a study table, create a more study vibe, your books arranged either laying on the table or up against the wall, sticky notes all over the wall (my way of reminders).

doesn’t that look like class

This was more a girly room decor because well I am a girl but I will research and get the guys covered as well. Thank you for reading and watch out for my next blog. No promises of a day but it will be up next week.