I have decided to have two segments in my blogs to create a kind of organization of ideas and also have a good plan on what to post and attract an audience. The two segments will be “know your law” and “lifestyle by sue”.

With that said welcome to this week’s blog of know your oo1 “extra judicial killings”. Well we all hear someone has gone missing then later on is found dead in a ditch somewhere. Other instances where police have killed someone during demos or just cause the certain police suspects something fishy about the person. All that is known as extra judicial killings. It is usually defined as killings which are not authorized by the court in the Black’s law dictionary. A case arose from githurai (I don’t know who has heard about it), where some police shot and killed a man saying that he was a thief and a few years later he killed the man’s brother. The sister decided to go and talk to confront and the police threatened her. Instead of the police to face the consequences he was just transferred to another police station so that the issue would die down. In the news we will see how people who were found dead especially during the election period, all that is extra judicial killings. The issue is very serious but it is never taken into consideration. Mainly because the evidence always disappears and there is no proof of any murders happening. With no evidence there will be no case, right? The same police who supposedly killed someone will be investigated by his colleagues. Who is to say they won’t help him not be seen as innocent?

There is an organization known as independent police oversight authority (IPOA). The main goal of IPOA is to investigate police shortcomings such as the violence during the UoN demos (which is a whole other topic). Therefore, basically these killings are happening around and most people don’t know what it is. In 2016, Kenya had the most police killings, which is actually sad. The penal code of Kenya cap 63 covers all there is to know about criminal law, such as these killings. Next time a person dies at the hand of the police you’ll know what it is. Some of the police who were used by the government to perform such acts have to flee the country for their safety, because they might as well be the next to die.

Thank you for reading, don’t be afraid to share the blogs.





Very many exciting things did happen during the week. Being consistent is proving to be a very hard task, very hard. I need tips from those people who post blogs everyday or make videos every day. I have been swarmed with school work the past days, I had cats and research work to do. One included an interview which was hard to do considering am a very shy person. I am trying to improve my esteem skills, pushing myself to do things I never think I could do. Presenting in class is usually the worst time of the entire semester. Just standing in front of my fellow students is usually patronizing, I picture all the criticism that must be going on in their minds or what they’ll say later. Pursuing law has been a dream but there comes the practicing part, where I have to go to court and present my cases. Well, when that time comes we shall see how your little girl performs. Having a little writer’s block here just a little though. Am trying to come up with topics to write about every week like a different law related issues (like criminal law which I am passionate about, find me at 3 am watching crime videos), lifestyle related topics, anyone can suggest topics they would like me to write about.

pexels-photo-534204.jpegIn this blog I would talk about a day in a law student (obviously me) since this blog post is so overdue. So my day generally starts at 7 am with more than one snoozes, life is much better without an alarm clock, right? I convince myself I can work out but realize am already running late. The previous night I had given myself a pep talk of how I will wake up early and work on my abs but that never works (oh yeah I can also give a topic of my workout routine when I get one). I shower, have breakfast then try on one too many outfits to get one that suits the day and my mood. I can try on at least three outfits before I get that one amazing one. Girls get me right? Denim never goes well with denim, get the right jacket and shoes, it’s a hectic life. I am somehow OCD so my bag is always packed in a particular order everyday and I do it the night before to save on time. I then leave for school at around 8:30 the time which the class is supposed to start, African timer. I get to class on time sometimes and then comes the lectures and notes and trying to comprehend what the hell is going on. I rarely go to the library because I never get any work done where WiFi is available, so I hang out with my friend for while before heading back home. I normally do my skin care routine which is quite short before settling down for the night. If I have any research to do this is usually the time I do it or any cat or any reading I have to get done. That’s basically my day, five days a week. Monday is usually my busiest day of the week, my classes usually end at 6:30 and that is usually stressful. The unit called conflict of law is one confusing unit. All you hear is just some funny Latin words being mentioned by the teacher but you just pretend you’re understanding whats going on in the class.

This came very late and wasn’t as long as I wanted it to be but I will improve on that. My second blog and I couldn’t be any prouder of myself. I have a great support system and I am grateful for that. I am open to any suggestion about my blogs and I will be happy to hear from you guys. Thank for the patience and also reading this blog. If they say it is impossible remember it is impossible for them and not for you.


The beginning

Well this the beginning of the journey to becoming an author, an advocate, a better me. Career wise, emotional, physical and mentally. I have always wanted to do blogs but the scared part of me always held me back. Preventing me to pursue what I know I wanted and needed. It left me feeling unaccomplished, a sense of failure. A few things made me not start this blog; fear of criticism, fear of failing, excuses and many others.

Now I know if I want something I start. That is the push I need, to just start. No excuses, that am busy with school and other stuff. I will strive and be consistent with every blog post and with everything I want to accomplish in life. A feeling of self-satisfaction is always the most amazing feeling to me. Like when I first posted my first chapter of my novel on Wattpad. I cannot describe how proud I was of myself. Did it get many reads, no. is it even complete, no. I am genuinely proud that I took the initiative and posted the chapters I have and still continue writing and posting. Who knows maybe someday my novels will be published. I love writing, always have and have a dream to become some well-known author someday. This will be a very short blog kinda like an introduction to the many more exciting blogs to come. I will be posting every Monday, rather I will try and post every Monday. Life as a law student trying to accomplish her dream as a writer and a youtuber is proving to be hard. But Rome wasn’t built in a day and success doesn’t come to those who don’t strive for it. Hope you all will be enjoying my blogs and little snippets into my life.

It’s all lawstudent.writer.youtuber.